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Hailing from Finland,Sargeist are one of the most iconic finish black metal band and it started as Shatraug’s solo project.

Sargeist’s latest album “Unbound” is an endlessly listenable record of pure riff addiction and despair, channelling the strengths of second wave black metal.

Unbound is the creation of an entirely new incarnation of Sargeist, with only mainman Shatraugh.

From start to finish,  Unbound”  fills the listener with hypnotic blasts,meldoy mixed with a brutal voice. Running the wire between vastly epic and intimate horror, Sargeist infuse quality and evoke bleak and tragic themes.

While Unbound is chockfull of gusting blast beats and tremolo picking, the standard black metal traits, Sargeist intercut these expanses with songs like “Hunting Eyes,” which opts for a slower march,yet still remaining fervent

The band also combat monotony in the vocal department, which goes from the most often utilized screeching to a more bemoaned howl or cry. Seems to be of little importance, but this minor aspect gives Sargeist’s compositions an ever changing and distinctive dynamism.


The songs each have their own unique mark.

Her Mouth Is An Open Grave is a quiet long track and apart from having a brilliant name it also have a renewed sense of devastating demonic vibe

Arguably the one song on the album which I might have suggested could have been trimmed from the track-list, “Blessing of the Fire-Bearer” is still a powerful force to be reckoned with, particularly in its second half, where that massive chorus refrain grabs you by the throat (and by other, less savoury, places) and refuses to let go until it’s done with you. My only reluctance  is that the opening few minutes, and some of the major tremolo melodies, don’t quite have the same distinct character and deep impact as the rest of the album but it does not prevent the album from reaching its majestic form.

Unbound“ is a must listen for black metal fans as.It stands on the frigid foundations of Mayhem and Emperor with some influences as can be found in the Darkthrone latest albums giving the album its unique form more than anyother black metal album filled with the unending tremolo picking and blasts.

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