New song Svartidauði

first song of the newest Svartidauði album

Svartidauði are an Icelandic black metal band from Kópavogur, Reykjavík that formed in 2002.The name ‘Svarti Dauði’ is Icelandic for “Black Death”. They released three demos before they released their debut album ‘Flesh Cathedral’ on Terratur Possessions in 2012, as well as a split EP with the Chilean black metal band ‘Perdition.’ ‘Flesh Cathedral’ was received well by the metal press, gaining positive reviews.

“Burning Worlds of Excrement” is taken from the album “Revelations Of The Red Sword”which will be released as vinyl record, compact disc and via the known digital channels the third of December 2018 by Ván Records.

Ván Records:



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