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Sargeist newest album "Unbound" was released on 11 October

On October 11th, in commemoration of Sargeist‘s upcoming European tour, W.T.C. Productions proudly releases Sargeist’s highly anticipated fifth album, “Unbound”, on CD (LP version is in the making and will be out in the near future).

By now, Sargeist require no introduction. For nearly 20 years now, the band – led by  Horna guitarist / songwriter Shatraug, who’s arguably the most prolific metal musician of that same period – have been at the forefront of the ever-fertile Finnish black metal scene. In fact, alongside Horna, one could say that Sargeist are the most influential band of that scene, which has gone on to influence countless other worldwide scenes in this millennium.

Now, Sargeist are: bassist Abysmal and drummer Gruft – who together possess a wealth of experience in the Finnish metal underground; Nightbringer and Adaestuo guitarist VJS, whose activities also span other bands and continents; and vocalist Profundus, who’s been an incredibly prolific drummer the last couple decades, and who’s lately most renown as the vocalist for Desolate Shrine.

Despite this seemingly significant change, the Sargeist aesthetic remains resolute and unyielding – indeed, they are more Unbound than ever. Grimy yet spectral, icily melodic but burning with a desperation beyond compare, songwriting that cuts to the heart of the purest black metal but reverentially receives it blood: the Sargeist of “Unbound” are a band renewed and revitalized.

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