Barkasth, Raventale, Khors & Kistvaen – gig review

Final Step Productions @ Quantic

Last weekend I witnessed a black metal gig with Barkasth, Raventale, Khors and Kistvaen. For those who are not familiar with the bands, this ‘pack’ came from the north, our neighbours from the Ukraine.

Barkasth was the first band on stage, a band which formed in 2015, but only this year released their first album of their career titled Decaying. It was the first time listening to them for me and I was actually pretty impressed of their performance; actually, I could say that it was better than the headliners. They have a specific black metal sound with a good voice which makes everything just good as a whole. I will keep an eye open for them from now on because I do think they are worth our attention from now on.  

Second band and my favourite show of the evening was Raventale. A band which I personally started to listen to a couple of years ago, starting with the Bringer of Heartsore album released in 2011. I was expecting something big from them on stage, but I was a bit disappointed of the two-voice passages, because I still think that two different voices might not be good together if they do not compensate each other. Overall their latest album released last year is a very good one and I enjoyed it to the fullest. If you still don’t know the guy(s) you should check all their albums out.

Khors– to be honest, I was expecting something more intense and similar to the recordings; their show was not a good one, but not a bad one either, it was something in the middle. I had some difficulties in hearing the voice; the voice was a bit too low and the instruments pretty loud. I hope next time when I’ll see them again they’ll have a better sound.

The last band on stage was Kistvaen, a band which constantly reminds me of Shining (Swe) a band which is very close to my heart. This time they had a special show which was a 10 year anniversary show where the guys played old and new songs from both of their albums “Unbekannte” and “Desolate ways” and if I remember correctly, two new songs from the upcoming album which I hopefully can listen to soon. It was a nice show with a good sound and the audience seemed to enjoy it.

As usually we should show thanks to Final Step Productions for inviting the bands and once again to Quantic for holding the event.

Until next time !

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live report here

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