Today- Khors / Kistvaen / Raventale / Barkasth – live in Quantic

Khors / Kistvaen / Raventale / Barkasth - live in Quantic

Today Quantic Club is the host for Khors, Kistvaen, Raventale and Barkasth gig.

KHORS, is a most significant band hailing from Ukraine, established on August 2004 in Kharkiv by skilled musicians of Ukrainian metal scene. The band’s first steps were reflected on debut album “The Flame of Eternity’s Decline” which been released by Ukrainian Oriana Music on Spring 2005 and the first print been sold
out for months. Musically the band represented mid tempo atmospheric Pagan back metal. Along with the work on the second album, the band started to play live shows.
Fourth album “Return To Abandoned” brought the band to international level. The album achieved the highest ratings, even more people discovered the band thanks to the Paragon Records distribution and the band started to play at many European shows and festivals.
For the moment the band has crafted six excellent full-length albums of atmospheric majesty, with a recent album “Night Falls Onto the Fronts of Ours” issued by Candlelight Records which became shartage for months. The band achieved a status of one of the most important and well-known bands out from Ukraine and keep developing with every new record, with every show played.
KHORS was a participant of such festivals as Kilkim Žaibu (Lithuania), Ragnard Rock (France), Motocultor (France), OST (Romania), DarkTroll (Germany), Gothoom (Slovakia), Aurora Infernalis (Netherlands), Hell Fast Attack (Czech Republic) as well as Ukrainian ones Metal Head’s Mission, Carpathian Alliance, Black Sea Metal, Oskorei and many others playing along with number of great and famous acts.
KISTVAEN first began their journey sometime at the end of the year 2008 when, Fenrir and Vlad, members of the underground Romanian metal scene decided to come up with something new and fresh, thus deciding to begin their journey in the dark depressive black metal scene. What mostly followed was finding a steady line-up to work with, plus an intriguing musical concept that would present itself as a whole, expressing something truly original and exciting.
In 2009 the band made its first live appearances, it quickly gained interest from press and listeners alike and managed to win the prize for „best Romanian metal newcommer” at the Metalhead Awards 2009. In 2010, after the release of the first official video Void, it was clear the band had a great potential and the members decided to record and release their first album.
In june the band played at OST Mountain Fest, in Busteni, together with bands like Ava Inferi, Belphegor, Negura Bunget, Eternal Tears Of Sorrow.
The first album, Unbekannte was released in October during a special show alongside Shining, Nightingale, The Vision Bleak and Vulture Industries, followed by a 2 week national tour of the most important cities.
In 2011 the main focus was promoting the new released album and playing live shows alongside great bands like Qualm, Taine, Abigail, Decapitated and Venom. In 2012 there were a few changes in line-up: a new bass player Vali and a new vocalist by the name of Stege, and they brought a totally new dimension of aggressiveness and a much more heavier sound to the band.
2013 – new ideas and concepts are tested, songs are being developed and a new lyrical theme is being explored, while still doing live shows mostly in Romania. Towards the end of the year the band joined Dor De Duh in their national tour.
The second new album Desolate Ways based on a new musical and visual concept is released on the 3rd of October, with a big party having as special guests the Swedish band Shining. The show was followed by a national tour, receiving a great feedback both from the audience and media.
2015 was a very busy and rewarding year, in March they started the Desolate Ways European tour (2 weeks, 15 concerts in 6 different countries).
In June they were invited to play at the Metahead Meeting, one of Bucharest’s biggest open air festivals, alongside Dark Funeral and Satyricon, just to name a few.
In July, Kistvaen managed to play at Carpathian Alliance in Lviv, Ukraine, a very big open air festival famous for its aura and feel, where they played alongside bands like Enthroned, Septic Flesh and Riul Doamnei.
RAVENTALE was created in 2005 year by Astaroth Merc as one man band. First demo “В Царстве Забытого Леса” reached Blackfire Productions that gave a birth of the very first record “На Хрустальных Качелях” later in 2006. The album is a narrative from an autumnal, darkening forest and describes the feelings of being in a forgotten wilderness.
In 2009 the third work was published called “Mortal Aspirations”. The album differs from its predecessors with more symphonic colors and arrangements. The plot line is filled with reflections on perishing aspirations and self-knowledge.
Autumn 2012 is marked with the appearance of the sixth brainchild of Raventale called “Transcendence” in the run-up to the era of the Sixth Sun. The main purpose of the album is the contemplation of transcendental and transcendental forms of existence and its own transformation against the background of conventionalities and the immanent degradation of modern civilization.
The same year Raventale became a full-fledged live band, performing it debut live show at Oskorei festival in December 2012.
On Summer 2013 Satanath Records released the 7th album of the project – a great compilation of re-recorded songs from early records. The compilation is called “Mémoires”.
The next chapter after 2 years break was the eigth work of the project. In October 2015, the album “Dark Substance Of Dharma” was released. This conceptual opus is addressed to Indian and
Tibetan mythology and proposes to fully plunge into the cosmic order of the Dharma, to disassemble the components of the principles of its existence and the perception of this World.
In 2017 from the depths of the space (darker than black), under the cronyism of two shadowed moons in eclipse and the Beasts (that dwell between the dimensions) the new order comes and new
Chaos. They bring a monumental total nullification. The latest album named as the New World “Planetarium” and was out on Ashen Dominion Productions.
For the spent years the band recorded and published 8 full-lengths and became desired guests at European festivals such like Kilkim Žaibu, Prague Death Mass, Vosieni Ratauniki, Dark Troll, Oskorei and others. Check out the new album “Planetarium” which is full of cosmic atmosphere in an ocean of blackened doom waters.
BARKASTH is a new band on the landscape of the Ukrainian Black Metal scene. The source of inspiration for the band members is a radically negative attitude towards religion, in any of its manifestations, as the main cause of obscurantism and distorted perception of reality – the main indicator for the level of ignorance of a contemporary man.
In their debut album “Decaying”, that was released in June 2018 by Svarga Music, BARKASTH reveals the dark side of idolatry on human life and demonstrates the result of this pernicious influence. BARKASTH is a Universe which holds no place for “higher” powers.

Show schedule:

19:00 – Open doors
20:00 – 20:45 – Barkasth
21:00 – 21:45 – Raventale
22:00 – 22:50 – Khors
23:05 – 00:00 – Kistvaen

Then Afterparty in Encore Club.

Tickets :


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