Batushka + WEB / MartYriuM / Váthos-live in September

Black/Death Metal concert

Ladies and gents, be honest how long  has it been since you’ve been to church ? Don’t you want to make your grandmother happy ? But wait, you still want to be as black-metal as the blackest metal there is, don’t you ? We have the best solution for you….. Batushka!!! This September the Polish black metal band is going to “bless”  3 devilish Romanian clubs, in Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca and Timisoara. Your getting a new chance to see the album Litourgiya played by a holy satanic priest.

Tour dates:

10.09.2018 RO/ Cluj Napoca @ Flying Circus

11.09.2018 RO/ Timisoara @ Reflektor

12.09.2018 RO/ Bucharest @ Quantic Club

Batushka, for those that are still new to Black metal, is a Polish super group that took by storm the black metal scene in 2015. With only one Album released, the fans can’t get enough of it. The album being a mixed version of church songs, but with good flavor and the right showmanship the band recreates the church atmosphere, making every blasphemy cell in your body happy.

Also, “killing the faith” we have 3 opeing bands : W.E.B., MartYriuM and Váthos.

W.E.B. is a Dark Black / Death / Goth Metal band from Athens formed back in 2002. They are going to present us the 4th album “Tartarus”. The album being known for the collaboration with Sotiris Vayenas from  Septic Flesh, at song “Thanatos Part I –Golgota”.  W.E.B. follows the same theatrical performance as the Batushka, making the band an amazing  opening act.

MartYriuM, from Malta formed in 1999, the band is a blend of Black and Death Metal, with a sinister sound, the Orchestrations and Industrial Elements makes a hell of a crazy combination. They will build a perfect set-up for the Headliner.

Another band to share the stage with Batushka will be Váthos, a local Romanian band, formed in 2017 in Bucharest. They describe themselves as being Post Black Metal and are very eager to stay in the shadow of Batushka.  They are on the highway to fame and more than sure are going to do there best to not disappoint.

Bucharest event here.

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