Ordinul Negru -interview

Romanian Black metal

Hello and thank you for taking the time to do this interview, since the band has  had a few changes over the years a few questions need to be answered. Every band starts with a vision, a message or an idea that they wish to send to the fans. What was that vision, and is the present band still a representation of that ?

Hello! Well the vision was to do underground obscure black metal, raw primal and all analogue, and for many years this was my driving force, but as you may all know people change, maybe not entirely but you evolve over the years, and so did I, so did my vision. The fundamental it’s still there, the root cause is this black metal from the nineties that I grew up with, it’s in me and I cannot deny it, but I also look into modern times, I don’t want Ordinul Negru to be an old fashioned past-worshiping band, whenever we do something we want to be as good, and actual as we can.    

Speaking of the beginning of the band, in 2015 you switch from a One-man-band to a full band. What was the reason behind that ?

There were more than ten years that I released materials as an one-man band, and it was ok for all this time, but in 2015 I decided to move to the next chapter, I was tiered playing drums mostly, this was the first motivation and then I knew that things will be better if I would expand a little bit the musical universe, I didn’t want to repeat myself over and over again, in the same Burzum manner, I had and still have other aspirations of expression, and right now I have an amaizing  group of people with me playing in the band, and I am very happy it turned out this way.

Returning into present times, tell us a bit more about the New album “Faustian Nights“ and also the art work on the album is amazing. How is the art related to the songs on the album ?

I know Alexandru Das for more than twenty years, we are good friends,we went to college together, we played music together, we have in general the same tastes and interest in all this art forms and he knows me very well, so he is in charge of most of my artwork, and it’s a simple process every time, I just tell him the story and send him some music files to have the general picture and the rest it is his interpretation, it is his input, how he sees the concept, he is like a band member…in most cases I leave his works like they are, because working with these persons involved in this process like guest musicians, producers, every input makes the album stronger and more complex, I have learned over the years to give the power from my hands in a more open collective to receive this nuances and the know-how that makes a release more powerful and representative and this is “Faustian Nights” album is as a whole in every aspect, recording, mixing, production, artwork etc.

The Album came with a video, and a very interesting one. How did you got the idea for the video?

I contacted Mihai Surdea last year (2017) for this project because I like very much the movies he made and I knew it is the right person for this. We talked and made prospections for some months…long discussions, it was an interesting process that I really enjoyed, and again I was interested how he saw our music, our universe…I had some basic ideas but the rest it was under his direction and he put a lot of efforts into this and I really learned many things out of this collaboration.

Another interesting thing about the new album is the collaboration with Daniel Neagoe, from the band Clouds. How did you guys got to work on this album ?

We played togheter  back in the day in Fogland, when we recorded togheter “Quasiascetica”, we are good friends and over the years we kept contact whenever was possible, we also have some other musical plans for the future…and I needed a strong narative voice at the end of the album, and he was the right person to do it and he did it perfectly!

You guys got the chance to perform the album live, from your point of view how did the public reacted to it? Was it the way you expected ?

The public at Rockstadt Extreme Fest was amazing, so many people came to see us, it was overwhelming…we were a little bit stressed because everything is tight now, playing with backtracks and in the beginning of the concerts there were some technical difficulties but it turned out very well, the response was very good, also having this outfit/costumes,  we still have to get used to all this, we rehearsed quite hard before to be sure we won’t fuck up the things…

Thank you again so much for your time! Do you have something to add ? Something that you wish your fans to know ?

Thank you for your big support and if you like our album please come to see us live, we have some selected dates coming in the near future…


Photo credits: Carlos Funes

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