Interview with Bitch Hünter

(Into the cave,Nekrokult)

Bitch Hünter guitarist of Into The Cave decided to answer to some of my question about their new album,inpirational bands,band history and many more.


I find your name quiet interesting and because you play black/death metal I was thinking that you are giving a little spoiler to your listeners of how your band sounds like am I right? Or it have another connotation?

Actually, not. The story about the name is simple and it isn’t even a bit iteresting. I already had some songs composed and I intend to give a name to the band, but I’m hopeless at create names. I asked for the help of friend Victor Whipstriker, that always has great ideas of names, so we choose this name. But it turned out that it has a bit to do with the sound, because our sonority is very dark and dirty, full of delays and reverbs!


How the band changed since your first album “Sex and Lust” and also you changed your vocalist on your last album?

It really has changed very much. In the begin it was to be just a project with 2 members. I recorded all of the instruments and Inkubus recorded the vocals. At the time of the split “True Horror Tales” we’ve made the record in this way as well but we already were a band and we were also making shows. The lineup at that time was Inkubus on the vocal, me on the guitar, Dyd Bastard (Tyranno and Cult of Horror) on the bass and M. Kult (Grave Desecrator and Coldblood) on the drum. After that M. Kult had to leave the band and then Erick Fryer (Uzomi and Horrificia) joined us. Times later, Inkubus had to leave the band, because he moved to a very far place, in the Souths’s mountains of Brazil, so I called for A. Bestial Vomitor to join us and record the album “Insulters of Jesus Christ, and he made a very good job.


Tell me more about your last album “Insulters of Christ”.I find it more aggressive and raw than “Sex and Lust” are you taking a more brutal and primitive direction something like Incantation?

Insulters of Jesus Christ is a bit different from our other albums. It’s more old school and has more death metal’s elements in the compositions. The reason, I don’t know. It’s just a tendence that we follow since True Horror Tales. When I’m composing I don’t usully limit myself, so I just let the things happen. And the A. Bestial Vomitor’s voice contributed to this way, because it’s close to guttural, different from Inkubus, who has a voice closer to black metal. But I really liked very much the result and the album is having a very good feedback.

How did the band started and what what was your main influences?

I’ve always had the will to create a project with Inkubus. We’re friends for more than 16 years and I’ve always liked his voice. So I composed some songs, showed him and he liked very much. My main influences in Into the Cave are Sarcófago, Sodom, Slayer, Destruction, Sextrash, Holocausto and Mutilator.





Many Brazilian bands especially black/thrash/death metal ones have lyrics in portuguese you find it more easily for your fans to understand your message?

We really have great bands singing in portuguese, such as Flageladör, Cemitério, Velho and others, and the result is very good. But we prefer making it in english, because it’s a universal language and all of the world can understand the message that we want to pass.

Are you planning to play some local shows or why not Europe or Brazil?

We have 2 shows agended in Brazil to release our new album. In october we’ll play in Rio de Janeiro and in december in São Paulo. We’re probably going to make a tour in Europe in 2020, maybe when we release the third album.

What bands are you currently listen to right now?

At this moment, that I’m answering this interview, I’m listening to “Why We Play Such Good Shows pt. I”, from Apokalyptic Raids, which is a great live album that was just released. But I listen a lot of types of music in my day-to-day. I like very much to listen the 80’s bands, of different genres, such as heavy metal, thrash metal, speed metal and even hard rock. And 90’s black and death metal old school bands.


Any last words for your fans?

I would like, firstly, to thank you for the oportunity that you have given me to show my work and I invite all of you to listen Insulters of Jesus Christ! It’s avaliable on Spotify and on our bandcamp. Who is interested in physical album, just contact our page on facebook or on our bandcamp:

Thank you all and let’s continue to spread the madness in this caotic world!!!


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