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From the depths of the living hell called society, I give you Massive Obliteration’s first demo released on March 2018 on cassette.



  1. Intro + Dogmatize
  2. Leads To Extinction
  3. Life?
  4. Greed
  5. Sacrified
  6. Chained To Consumerism


This is their first demo and as one can see, they don’t lose time with fancy titles so this one is called plain and simple as the release type; they just go to strike the subject in its plain form, and that’s one of the main features of their work – going down to the subject, without sparing anything.

First off, their cover art doesn’t seem to miss any apocalyptic grindcore tropes. We have the oppressed masses – from starving Africans all the way to hoodie-wearing urban working class, while standing up are by the chain-smoking diva (though now we call her Instagram Influencer) and the VR Goggles wearing white collar dude – the only one that’s smiling  in the whole pic (as you’d probably have to be in an alternate reality to find anything to smile about) – all flanked by riot police and CCTV.

On the left, we have deforestation, heavy industrialization & pollution and the wholesale slaughter of all beasts – both for food and for sport.

Above we see the ice caps, melting from all the consumerist and industrial pollution and below is, of course, The Man

The demo starts with a short intro consisting on a Scum-era *Napalm-Death-meets-Mortician (see House by the Cemetery) bass line that slowly goes into the main track, where everything starts to get faster and faster led up by a firm growling voice. (*talking about Napalm Death – see the 3rd track Life?)

The entire work keeps plowing down with the fast killer riffs, getting followed by a slow change of line, beginning with the second track, that makes it more and more chaotic leaving you with the splendid taste of an old anti-melodic rhythm (that I for one missed this a little).

Of course, we can talk about a plethora of influences (Nausea, Extreme Noise Terror, Napalm Death, Repulsion, Terrorizer), but what I find the most interesting and enjoyable is the crust/punk touch that becomes more obvious on the 4th track (Greed) and 5th (Sacrified), in which the vocals on the last part of it, reminded me there for a second of Machetazo’s first few releases. The ability to play vocals on exactly that rhythm makes it pretty awesome, giving it that touch of madness.

The last track Chained to Consumerism strikes in a more aggressive manner, making it a true competition between fast riffs and drums, that shortly takes a slower road just to make place for a sharp end of the entire demo. An end that for me makes sense as “we come we said we had to say, no extra bullshit”. A fair and square attitude of a grindcore band.

Massive Obliteration has a veritable potential in this field, making it clear that French have some experience with Death Metal. Through this release, they prove they know exactly what they want and for what they stand and it’s sure to deserve at least one spin and all the support!

They released it themselves on tape (20 pieces, of course, they’re sold out), but a new batch – this time professionally manufactured – will be out on 20 Sept 2018 on Bleed-Records, though one can preorder right now.

The demo can be streamed on their Bandcamp. You can also go to their Facebook to tell them congratz or whatever.



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