Decapitated- Anticult (album review)

released on July 7, 2017 by Nuclear Blast.

Requiring no further introductions, I think Decapitated is known by every death metalhead around. Playing since 1996, the band changed their style along the years.  After Organic Hallucinosis, when you listen to Carnival is Forever from 2011 you’ll notice a change, beginning with the voice and then the riffs which are not that brutal anymore as they used to be on the previous album.

To be honest I really like this path they have choose to follow in the last two albums. From a technical sound to a more groove oriented one, Decapitated managed to conquer the ears of the connoisseurs.

The first track of the album, “Impulse”, might be the one which is by far the most melodic ; the ambient guitars and drums are creating a huge opening riff (0:20). It is probably my favorite song off of the album alongside “Earth Scar”. You will notice a lot of catchy and heavy riffs while listening to the whole album and you might want to headbang for almost 40 minutes. I must add that I really like the voice, especially on this track; it comes with power even if in the beginning you might not expect that. Most of the songs re-use similar elements yet as a person which might not appreciate the groove to its fullest, listening to this album for at least 20 times made me realize that a good band can pass from a genre to another and still remain on top for the fans, actually gain more. They don’t all sound the same, but if you don’t like the first song on the album, chances are you won’t like the rest either.

With full energy and heavier riffs “DeathValuation” is the 2nd song of the album. The super solo from the minute 3:00 is the par I appreciate the most on this song. Basically, on this album, solos are there to offer some melodic respite from the sheer aggression and relentlessness of the riffing. “Kill the cult” marks the very good voical qualities of Rafal which are actually very powerful and nice. The production of the album is pretty good, even if on a couple of songs I had the impression that the voice is pretty low. I won’t compare Decapitated with other bands because it’s something I dislike. It’s either you like the genre or not. Everything sounds fresh and doesn’t give the listener a chance to get bored.

I will add that the lyrics are pretty easy to memorize; they are simple ones and chances are high they might remain stuck in your head. “Earth Scar” has more of what is called clean vocals and it’s close to a classic metal sound while the previous track “Anger Line” has a more powerful voice with a heavy drum sound.

I can’t say I’m surprised by the groovish sound of Anticult, as the band slowly pulled away from technical death, it makes sense that this new release would contain a greater degree of the groovy stuff. This album is pretty much the evolution of Decapitated. An evolution which started step by step since Carnival Is Forever. It’s another strong album in their fruitful career, so it’s worth a listen or more…It’s up to you !

From me I would it give it a 10 for the production, an 8 for the artwork, 9 for the lyrics and 10 for the music.

If you liked it you can order the album here .


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