Emmure, For the Wicked, The Dignity Complex & First Division gig review

Emmure for the first time in Romania

After 3 long years, Emmure dropped their seventh studio album “Look at Yourself” in 2017,  using 2018 to take the album on the road. I stood among the sea of coloured t-shirts and young people slowly filling the restored outdoor venue of Quantic Club, on a sunny day.

The opening acts were For the Wicked, The Dignity Complex and First Division. The evening got off to a promising start with many fans braving the hot weather.

The show started on time, unfortunately I was not able to arrive from the beginning; on stage, First Division were already playing. First Division approach the groovy side of hardcore; they are from Braila and the band was founded in 2006. In 2013, the band recorded the first album called “Assumed Brain Robbery”. They  light up the atmosphere right away and the public was their allied.

The second band, The Dignity Complex is more progressive but still very catchy to watch live. It is a fusion  between extreme metal with melodic pieces. You could find influences from other bands like The Contortionist, Rosetta, Fallujah. They show was short but very dynamic.

For The Wicked stated that they approach a form of “fake metal” because of the innovative sound. Their first album was called “II” and was launched in 2016.

Next on stage was Emmure; for the first time in Romania. Being part of the ”European Summer Tour”, the show was long awaited by the public. No introduction was needed as they come on stage then these guys proceed with crushing riffs, heavy bass and vocals of pure aggression. If you’re a metal fan, these guys will help your eardrums bleed. The band’s vocalist, Frankie Palmeri, is the only remaining original member. His personality has made the band unique from other acts in the genre, and critics have described his “no-fucks-given” attitude as an entertaining standpoint for the band.

Emmure has been defined as metalcore, deathcore, nu metal and even alternative metal.

The band performed tracks from the 2017 album, and some older ones ( Natural Born Killer, A Gift is a Curse, Nemesis, Bring a Gun to School ). The group has a total of seven releases, with their first public release being a 2006 EP entitled ”The Complete Guide of Needlework”. Emmure have already won hearts and minds in the metal scene, but this was a thrilling triumph nonetheless.

The sound was great, and the venue was perfect for this kind of show. There was a merch stand where you could find t-shirts and cd`s from all the bands.

Thanks to HC/RO and 7inc for making this event possible and to the Quantic Club.

Photos by Gheorghe Paraschiv.


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