X PUS-Sanctus Dominus Deus Sabaoth-Album review

Black/Death Metal from Italy

This Italian Black/Death Metal band has it roots in Bergamo, Lombardy and it was formed back in 2015. The lyrical themes of the band follow the Black metal tradition of Anti-Christianity, Satanic rituals. The album Sanctus Dominus Deus Sabaoth has 10 songs, including the Intro and the Outro. The intro sound like somebody recording of an old black metal song over a church mass singing, the song is setting the perfect atmosphere for a blasfemic album. The singing is interrupt and mixed to make you feel like you are part of a weird horror movie. The first song Desecration of the Image of God  is a very well balance combination of black metal vocals and ritmic and alert death metal  drumming, the guitar riffs break out of nowhere and mix with the drums to form a song that takes you to think that you are listening to a combination of Dying Fetus and Marduk. The song ends with the same weirdly mixed church mass. The following song Die As A Sinner is similar with his predecessor even following the same guitar riffs and drums. The Cherub’s Throne starts with a betting bell that repeats itself during the song in the perfect moment, when for a a sort period the other instruments stop, creating a unique sound. LHP , the 5th song it’s a powerful song, starting strong from the first beat, maintaining the energy up until the last second. The song is definitely more death metal influenced. Wirlwind of Fire makes the atmosphere after the previews song with a distanced echo priest reading in Italian, only to explode with a destructive drum beat followed with a strong voice. Compared with the other songs this one seems a bit repetitive, following the same riffs and drums over and over. The Great Worm of the Third Circle has a very nice beginning with a steady riff and just like Primordial Evil Essence follows with the same combination of drums and guitar like in the previews song. In  Eternal Flame we find a nice combination of steady drums and rhythmic guitars, the typical guitar solos you find in black metal, the songs it’s a bit atmospheric with only the hash vocals interrupting the vibe. The best song of the album, has a unique vibe to it, and a totally different ending, the last part being more dynamic. Outro is just a church choir trying to match the beginning of the album. The albums has its moments, but some songs sound like they were made in a bit of a hurry. With the few songs that anyone that gives a good listen to the album will appreciate the band has a really good potential just needs to take the time and invest there creative side in all the songs. They have the talent there is no doubt in that.

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