Mercy’s Dirge- Mercy’s Dirge- album review

Death metal band from Suceava, Romania.

All and all a very good come back for the band. The album captures the essence of black metal while adding a bit of twist to the conventional idea of what a black metal band should be. The album has 5 songs only, the first one Another Hell fools you a little by giving the impression that is just an intro song only to pump energy and fit the name of the song perfectly. Another good way to provide a sound representation of hell, the song sticks to the concept of pure black metal, with hash vocals and repetive instrumental only to descend into a more powerful psychedelic atmospheric vibe. The album itself is a representation of how it is to lose your mind, the most painful hell anyone can endure. Devilish Wish and Meherath follow the same concept as Another hell. Devilish Wish even has a moment at minute 3.30 when we are given to enjoy some clean vocals only to be followed by some sick growling.  Meherath has a soft beginning only to trick us back in the same haotic-organised mess of guitar riffs. Bewitched is my favorite from the album, until now we are given a bit of clean vocals and more guitar riffs, with this song the riffs get pumped every second of the song and the vocals only amplify the the construct of the song. The song without vocals will be hell of a amazing song to listen to, but with vocals jumping in the right moment, sometimes even taking over the guitar solos you have a masterpiece. The last song Unholy Doom Creation goes back to a pure black metal vibe only, later, to include the same riffs and hash vocals that are present through the entire album. I do feel a bit of Anaal Nathrakh influences with the sudden changes of pace and voice going fro peaceful tones to demonic screaming. The album is a pleasant experience and is more than worth the time, this is an album you need to listen very carefully a few times, just to be sure you haven’t missed anything. The band is a real treasure for the Romanian metal community, hope they keep up the good work.

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