R.I.P Bret Hoffmann

Malevolent Creation

The news that Bret Hoffmann is no longer among us came as a bullet in the head. Unfortunately, on July 7 he lost the battle with one of the most terrible forms of cancer. I’ll only approach this subject as an awareness for all of us regarding this “lottery” and I quote Bret Hoffmann himself: “if you have not been to a Doctor, especially in years. GET TO ONE ASAP!!” and I won’t go any further with this medical related subject. Instead, I wish to point out his legacy. Bret Hoffman was the co-founder and former vocalist of  Malevolent Creation. His strong wish for singing helped him develop a unique voice and style, becoming a landmark in the death metal underground scene. Through his work, he brought a huge contribution in developing the Florida Death Metal sound.

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After Malevolent Creation‘s 3rd  full-length, Stillborn, he left the band. After 5 years in 1998, he returned and performed on The Fine Art of Murder and Envenomed before leaving again and returning in 2007.

Regarding his live performances – are memorable;  simply one of the best lives that one could’ve attended.

Besides Malevolent Creation, Bret Hoffmann also played vocals in Silent Death ( a death metal band from Switzerland), Down the Drain (a US deathcore band from New York) and as a side project started last year, Fire for Effect. Although probably the most notable for the field stays his work with Malevolent Creation, as follows:

  • 1987 Demo (demo) – vocals
  • 1989 Live Demo (demo) – vocals
  • 1989 Demo I (demo) – vocals
  • 1990 Demo 1990 (demo) – vocals
  • 1991 The Ten Commandments ( full-length)- vocals
  • 1992 Retribution ( full-length) – vocals, lyrics
  • 1993  Stillborn (full-length) – vocals, lyrics
  • 1994 Live Death (split) – vocals
  • 1996 Joe Black (compilation) – vocals on tracks 7-10
  • 1998 The Fine Art of Murder (full- length) – vocals
  • 2000 Envenomed ( full-length) – vocals
  • 2003 The Best of Malevolent Creation ( compilation) – vocals
  • 2007 Doomsday X (full-length) – vocals
  • 2008 Lost Commandments (video)- vocals
  • 2010 Invidious Dominion (full-length) – vocals, lyrics
  • 2010 Australian Onslaught (live album) – vocals
  • 2011 Demo 1987 (demo) – vocals/ Death from Down Under (video) – vocals
  • 2015 Dead Man’s Path ( full-length) – vocals

He gave us the best and we remain thankful but yet with a deep pain in our hearts for such a loss.

*A public memorial will be held today at the Clover Club in North Tonawanda, New York beginning at 6 p.m.*


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