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“Emmure” will be playing for the first time in Bucharest on Wednesday, the 11th of July, in club Quantic (Intrarea Grozăvești). The show is part of the European Summer Tour of the band and is an event organized by 7inc. “For The Wicked”, “The Dignity Complex” and “First Division” will be the opening acts.

The band was founded in 2003 in New Fairfield, Connecticut, but relocated to New York (Queens). It has a controversial reputation because of the band’s vocalist, Frankie Palmeri, who in 2015 remained the only member of the band who still wanted to go on with the band. He was later joined by Josh Miller, Phil Lockett and Josh Travis. The band incorporates several musical styles (hardcore, deathcore, progressive, or even rap on some choruses) which result in a very brutal and groovy sound, accompanied by breakdowns, but also by the nu-metal style of Palmeri. The last album they released in 2017 is entitled “Look At Yourself” and shows the musical boundaries between these styles.

“For The Wicked” is a band from Cluj-Napoca, and are put under the “fake metal” label because of the impossibility that most critics have in exactly naming the musical style the band plays.The band combines elements from metalcore, hardcore and djent, but also modern metal with 90’s alternative. Immediately after the band surfaced, they started receiving prizes such as “Best Metal Newcomers 2015 – Metalhead Awards”, “Posada Rock 2015” and “Low5Bass Studio – Gbob 2015”. Their first album was released in 2016 and is entitled “II”; you can listen to it on bandcamp.

“The Dignity Complex” is a progressive metal band from Brasov. What makes the sound of the band original are the aggressive passages which are combined with the melodic ones. The band released an EP in January 2017 and is entitled “Accede”; it can be listed to on bandcamp. All the band’s tracks are influenced by bands such as “The Contorsionist”, “Rosetta”, “Substructure”. “Fallujah”, “Veil of Maya” and “If These Trees Could Talk”. The band has had shows alongside “Veil of Maya”. “Apostate”. “Give em Blood” and “Last Remains”.

“First Division” are a groovy hardcore band from Bucharest. The band combines groove music with beatdowns and accompanied with rapcore vocals. The founding of the band took place in 2006 in Brăila. Their first album was released in 2013 and is entitled “Assumed Brain Robbery”. “First Division” shared the stage with bands like “Last Hope”.


Event program:

17:00 – Open Doors

18:00 – 18:30 – First Division

18:45 – 19:15 – The Dignity Complex

19:30 – 20:15 – For The Wicked

20:30 – Emmure

Tickets can be purchased online (https://eventbook.ro/music/bilete-emmure-for-the-wicked-the-dignity-complex-first-division) for the price of 45 lei (for the first 50 tickets), 60 lei (for the next 100 tickets) and 75 lei (on the evening of the event)


** Emmure **

Queens / New York



** For The Wicked **

Cluj/ România



** The Dignity Complex **

Brașov/ România



** First Division **

București/ România



Event By 7inc

Booking By HC RO

Media Coverage By Headfullofnoise

Artwork By VZR Graphics

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