Tragic, Flesh Rodeo and Last Rizla show review

About a great show and a missing crowd

This Saturday was the right time for some sludge and punk riffs. The noisy summer evenings are back in Quantic and there are filled with good music. The main act was the Greek band called Last Rizla who visited the Romanian stage for the second time. The opening acts were Tragic and Flesh Rodeo. This was a show where the whole was greater than the sum of its parts, which is saying a lot, since the “parts” were all sensational. The only thing missing was a crowd.

Tragic opened the evening with alternative, post-rock and doom riffs. The band was born in 2007 in Bucharest. Bands like Mastodon, Amenra, Russian Circles are the main influence for Tragic`s music. They released a new EP in 2014 and was followed by a full-length. They sang probably the most relevant song, “Solaris” which will appear on Tragic`s next album set to be released this autumn. They were great on stage although the venue was not crowded. At the core of Tragic`s music you could effortlessly notice the voice, floating over the consistently thrilling texture of the band, in a unique, visceral manner, perfect for the wistful imagery of the lyrics. I think Tragic is that kind of band that is made for live acts.

We don’t leave the alternative side of metal because on stage follows Flesh Rodeo. With a healthy approach, they create an almost groovy atmosphere. They have three recordings released by now: “Tellurium-128” (2013), “End Of Greatness” (2015)-EP, “Things Will Never Get Better” (2017). Flesh Rodeo has a big and bold sound that fit perfectly into the opening slot for Last Rizla but the truth is this band should be all over the radio. There was a lot of catchy riffs and tunes that stick to your brain. They also played tracks from their new album “Things Will Never Get Better”.

Last Rizla took the stage with full force and delivered a memorable show. The band was on fire from the first note to the last. And there’s genuine mystery in how the band make their enthralling, bizarre music. The set list included “Τσιμέντο” (Cement), “As the Sun is Masked” and, at the end, “He Who Talks Loud Saying Nothing” from their 2014 album called “Seamen”. The dueling guitar solos and the raging drums could bring the house down. If you are into post-punk, stoner, sludge metal be sure to checkout this awesome band especially if you catch them live somewhere.

The sound was adjusted for a full packed venue so, it was a little bit too much.

I don’t know how many Street Food Festivals with pricey food or free entrance concerts with common music, made with public money, were in Bucharest this year, but my Facebook page was always full of them and of people “attending” at this kind of entertainment. It is too bad because less and less people are willing to see and hear genuine acts of art made with passion and with sacrifices and the concert venues are increasingly empty. I think we all should leave the comfort zone of easy entertainment and become more aware, involved and supportive.

7inc was in charge for this gig and I think they done a good job.

Thank you Quantic Club for being the host of this show and for the good sound.

That being said, my last request and hope is that you will consider attending at these small live shows and I am sure you will find it to be a fulfilling experience.

Photos by Gheorghe Paraschiv.

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