Ghost Bath-Starmourner review

Black metal

Controversial and having a mysterious story, the americans from GHOSTBATH are back with a new album entitled “Starmourner” which is a fusion of black metal and post rock. I would call it a perfect atmospheric blackgaze.

Starmourner tells the story of someone in an infinite dream where they can’t tell if they are awake or not and find themselves extremely lonely.

The album offers everything from brutal blast beats and tremolo picked guitars with harsh vocals and screrams full of agony from their vocalist Dennis.

The album start with the track called Astral that gives you a cold vibe acompanied by a cheerful piano, unique for its simplity. The tracks ends with screams full of agony and numbness and cacophonus sounds that make you lose your mind.

The track Thrones is the perfect mix of old school black metal and post rock with so many influences from bands like Alcest. It starts with tremolo picked guitars and blast beats that offer the dark athmosphere during the song. Its basically a journey in a celestial world, like a near death experience and ends with a spacious delay synth effect.

The range of the vocalist is vast and seems to be more experimental.

The 2nd track Seraphic, just like Cherubim, starts joyfully and make its despair be felt from the nameless vocalist. When the track first started, it left me with the impression that it was a post punk song and after that it hit me with powerful drumming.

I find their new sound more concerned about making a gloomy and astral athmosphere. Fine production, experimental and progressive drumming, delayed guitars alternated with tremolo pickings is what the fans are going to except from now on from the american black metallers.

GHOSTBATH is that one band that is not afraid of changes. Alot of people argued that they are changing to a more non-black metal style, but it seems like they find their true and original sound based on the modern setting and production.

I bought their album Starmourner and its awesome. It came with a nice booklet that has some very original and gloomy art.

I truly recommand you guys to check out this album and don’t be afraid to buy it.

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