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On June 2nd, we put our battle vests and went to Scandal’s anniversary show that took place in Quantic Club, hosted by our very best Coro (Axa Valaha Productions).

We manage to get there around 8 pm, just in time for open doors. Once inside, I felt like the present took a break, allowing the past to get back to me. I instantly got younger with at least 10 years or how many years have passed since I’ve seen a mohawk, a thing that made me smile to myself (while also swearing at Freud, the cunt). I pick up a regrettable glass of gin (lesson no.1 about destroying your liver like a pro: gin shouldn’t be drunk with ice, that’s why when it’s 30°C one should keep their tonic in the fridge) and wait for the show to begin. Maybe it was due to the atmosphere, maybe to the small chit-chats I had with few friends around, but the main point is that everything turned out to be a time travel. Shortly I felt 16 again, attending a Top T (probably being surrounded by people from my hometown where the mentioned fest was held helped).

Around 9 the show began and Magazinu’51 were the first to play. Magazinu’51 is a ska-punk/ punk-rock band consisting of 3 members. They were joyful with a jovial attitude. Their lyrical themes as “teenage problems” are approached in a funny, cynical manner, giving it a positive atmosphere. It’s an easy to enjoy band with what I like to call a happy-happy-joy-joy sound. Magazinu’51 has lot of potential in their field. I find them hard-working, well organized and knowing what they want to say on a stage. At first, they didn’t seem very comfortable on the stage. I felt some emotions combined with a small amount of crowd anxiety, but who wouldn’t? I would probably shit my pants standing on that stage with so many people staring at me, but they managed it very nice by constantly interacting with the crowd, opening with a joke and constantly connecting their tracks with some backstory, that could imply people from around the crowd. Very nicely done! I truly enjoy them, as a fresh air from my nihilism.  Kudos to them!

photoAnca Coleasa

After a small break of few cigarettes and pleasant interactions between old friends, the second band, Damage Case followed on stage.

Damage Case is a speed/thrash local band consisting of 4 members, involved in other musical projects as well; they know their business. They didn’t lose time so, they started striking at full speed. Their fast riffs and drum beat mixed in with aggression. Those guys know exactly what they stand for and how to show it off. Damage Case has that kind of determinism to make it proper – the faster it gets, the greater it is – attitude that simply blows your mind. So much energy around that one couldn’t simply stay around without getting involved in the atmosphere they’ve created. They were highly appreciated by the crowd – so of course, an encore was demanded. Their show was a total blast, fit for an overall atmosphere that this gig meant to be.

PhotoAnca Coleasa

After another break and another chat trip to old times when library markers were used to paint bags and hair; and hand soap & beer were used to make a mohawk, the central band of the evening – Scandal – got up on stage.

Scandal is a formerly local – in present UK band with a long history in the punk scene. They are the ones who wrote more than a half of Romanian punk history. This show was to celebrate 20 years of career in this field, so meeting with old folks from around the country was something that one could simply expect to.  Their anniversary meant more than simply music, it means also the attitude, the courage to say “no” to a fucked-up system, the power to be yourself in a judgmental, close-minded society, the teenage rebellion against injustice or against the limitations that affect our free will. In one word it wasn’t just about them as a band, it was about all of us, that at some point in our lives we searched for and believed in a bit of freedom and we fought for it in a personal manner. It was about discovering a reality at a certain age that didn’t fit with our way of being. It came as a reminder of a past age when probably lot of us had less things to lose but more things to achieve and the right hope of believing in it.

They started with “E vreme, vreme de Scandal”, a proper choice for opening this show. The crowd join their energic attitude quickly. One could see that their come-back on a stage was expected in a long time.  Probably the most relevant for a Romanian history punk chart, they played “Patrula” (En.: The Patrol* spoiler alert lyrics makes sense only in Romanian, If you are not familiar with this language choose your translator carefully) an anti-police song (better say an anti-police oppression). They played it all along with the crowd. At such gem one couldn’t stay still, so a moshpit like in the good old days was demanded. They also played tracks from their newly released album “On a Roll”. Everything happened in a pleasantly enthusiastic atmosphere as the main point of this show was meant to. They created a strong connection with the public, that came naturally in their context. Of course, an encore was demanded and we got one – a second helping of “Patrula”. Everything went according to expectations and beyond. Overall it was a total blast that a fan, shouldn’t had missed it.

PhotoAnca Coleasa

One could find lots of Scandal’s official merch, carefully selected near the bar, but also some other goodies from Santa Coro’s bag of wonders.

You can support or drop them a line as follows: ScandalDamage CaseMagazinu’51  you can also give it a spin here: Scandal BandcampDamage Case BandcampMagazinu’51Bandcamp.

All pics featured in this review were taken by our kindly friend Anca Coleasa.  Here you can find more.

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