Akral Necrosis, Mercy’s Dirge & Vathos – concert review


On May 18 night I witnessed a full black metal night where the hosts were Akral Necrosis, Mercy’s Dirge and Vathos.

The first band on stage was Vathos, a young band from Bucharest. They claim that the genre they approach is Post black metal. To be honest, I haven’t heard any single riff or something similar to what is called “post black metal”. In my opinion the vocals were mediocre, the whole show made me think that the guys and the girl were completely out of shape. I think they should pay more attention to the scenic presence and try to be more relaxed during the show.

Second band of the night were Mercy’s Dirge from Suceava. They were 2 times in Bucharest already, but I missed them every time. Finally caught the guys on stage on Friday and I must say that they had a really nice sound, a very good voice and it was pretty “wow” because the band was on hiatus a couple of years and it’s nice to see a successful comeback. They just released a new material called Live, Raw & Relentless – LP 2018. I might say that this band was my favorite on the 18th of May. Very good sound with a voice which didn’t get tired during the gig. I wish them the best of luck from now on!

Akral Necrosis were headliners and this show was part of the mini tour they had in 3 different cities: Cluj, Iasi and Bucharest. Being one of the most remarkable and one of the ‘oldest’ (also constant band) approaching this genre in Romania, Akral Necrosis are very well known by the public and not only. Their performance was pretty nice, very well played and the sound was very good.

This time I paid attention to the vocals mostly and I think Octav has a very good voice, the sound was mostly as it is on the album. I saw them 3 times until now, but this time I think they sounded better…maybe it’s because Quantic got new sound equipment or maybe the new line-up of the band is getting the sound better and better.

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