Three unique openers for the Satarial Concert

26th of May @fabrica

Next Saturday, Satarial will be reaching Romania for the first time! On the 26th of May 2018, the Russian band will be part of a show in Club Fabrica (Romania); it will be the only show in Romania that the band will hold.

The band are a legend in their home country of Russia, because of their almost 30 years of activity, but also because of the controversy surrounding the band. The band is one with a shocking background: the first concerts sustained by the band were in abandoned churches, the band’s leader was sent to an insane asylum for 2 years, they were wrongfully accused of terrorism, church burnings and grave desecrations.

Because of the mixture of pagan, folk and black metal, the band was given as a bad example on Russian national television multiple times. The Orthodox Church in Moscow has them watched and regularly sends the police to stop the band’s concerts from happening; their CDs are also refused by music stores. They are censored under any form in Russia, but they have all the right ingredients for an awesome live show: magic, mysticism and erotic provocation.

As openers, the band has 3 unique guests, namely: SAMBATA MORTIILOR, is a unique misanthropic black metal band from Ploiesti, which will have its live debut the very night that the show will take place. KROPPEN is the only extreme metal band from Slatina; a band which oscillates between black and old school black metal, whilst APA SIMBETII are a band that is so well received by the Romanian public, that we can easily consider them as headliners as well, alongside Satarial.

The show will take place on Club Fabrica (11 Iunie Street, no. 50, sector 4, Bucharest), Saturday the 26th of May, at 20 o’clock (starting with which access is allowed into the venue).

Ticket price: 30 lei (which can be purchased only at the venue entrance, on the night of the show)

Taking photos and filming is allowed during the show. Access to the show is prohibited with beverages from outside the venue. A merch stand will be available at the show.

Attention: this concert is a non-profit one and all preceding will be used for the organization of the event, as well as for the travel expenses of the band Satarial.

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Metal Under Moonlight Event (Edition 73).


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