SoundArt Festival 2018 edition

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11th of May – Quantic Club – The first band on stage was The Flying Detachment. A young band from Bulgaria, formed in 2014. They had a lot of energy, a nice vibe, a very nice communication with the public and a few issues with the sound on the vocals in the beginning, but everything went well after the first two songs. It was the first time I saw them and they definitely gave me a nice vibe. Very good instrumentists.

Methadone skies – WOW! This is a Romanian band? Oh my god!? I have no words to describe how this band was! It was my 2nd favourite of this festival! I got myself a nasty flu and despite that they made me go into the crowd and bang my head. They have a catchy sound which would give you goosebumps, regardless if you’re into this genre or not. Amazing performance, very good instrumentists & nice people as well. I am looking forward to seeing them again as soon as possible.

Need – I just loved the voice! Even if I am not a prog fan myself, this band was something else. They have a perfect match between voice & instruments. First time listening to them and I will definitely listen to them more at home. Hard recommendation! Hegaiamas: a song for freedom is their latest album released last year in 2017 and it sounds just awesome. 

Stoned Jesus – the last band of the first day of the festival and also the one I’ve expected the most turned out very bad in my opinion. The guys are very good instrumentists, the whole composition is very well structured…but the voice was a big disappointment. They also played a couple of new songs from the new album so keep an eye on if you’re a fan of the band. 


12th of May – Control Club – White Ash is another band from Romania; a young band as well. The guys were full of energy and it kind of reminded me of highschool; I might say that I felt a strong Nirvana influence here and there. Despite the poor public which came in Control, the guys performed very nice and as always the sound here was the best by far! I will definitely want to see them again!

Klimt 1918 or about how you can dream far away. I started listening to Klimt 2 years ago and I really wanted to see them live at least once so as soon they were confirmed for the festival I was like “I need to be there!” The feeling this band gave me is unbelievable. It can’t be described in words, you just need to feel it. A dreaming vibe with catchy riffs and an amazing out of this world voice. I strongly recommend these guys if you didn’t heard about them yet. It will impossible not to fall in love with their music.

Coming back to Quantic club to see No Good Advice from Italy. Is there something with Italy when it comes about stoner or is it just my impression? Lots of bands formed there are really good and give you the feeling that music is still on making in 2018… The sound was good overall, I might say that the voice was a bit too low. Despite the public (weren’t not so many people) the whole atmosphere was nice.

Melancholy – excellent sound, very good instrumentists, which applies to most of the bands who played at this festival. The voice didn’t convince me that much, but I would strongly recommend them. I think this is an underrated band and they deserve a lot more.

Lowbau – this band needs no introduction because the public seemed to enjoy their show very much. They had a lot of energy and for the first time this night I saw a couple of guys headbanging in the crowd. This band reminds me of Phil Anselmo’s “Down”. This is definitely not my kind of music because I never was into Pantera or Down’s area, but as always I do recommend it for the fans. 

Somali Yacht Club – Drained of energy we approached the end of the second day of SoundArt festival. The latest band on stage was Somali Yacht Club from… I liked the guys since they are already familiar to me; I listened to them before the show. They were in Romania for the 1st time. Very good sound, the sound in Quantic keeps getting better and better. Too bad they played so late but the public still had energy despite this. I loved the voice of… I hope they will come back again but to play earlier.

13th of May – Quantic Club – The last day of the festival started pretty early. At 6 o’clock sharp. First band on stage was Purple Dino. A band full of energy with a nice and funny logo managed to entertain the few people who were in front. The sound was a bit louder than usual and I barely heard the voice.

Ziqqurhat – a nice and also a bit weird band, not in a bad way, which bought a lot of energy on stage. They also made a cover of one of Shakira’s songs. One funny thing about this band was that if you buy their merch they would give you condoms with strawberry flavor.

COD is a Romanian band. To be honest I never heard about them before this festival and as a personal opinion the voice didn’t impressed me much but the guys are very nice instrumentists.

The last band on stage was Puta Volcano from Greece. A female fronted band with a lot of energy and a very good voice; it couldn’t have been a more perfect end for the second edition of SoundArt Festival. Approximately an hour and a half which got me “stoned”. 

I really liked this festival, the whole atmosphere and even the public (which wasn’t that numerous) so I want to give thanks to Mihnea, Olivia & the whole festival team for inviting us!
See you at the next edition!

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