At The Gates [SE] will be playing in Bucharest in Quantic Club

At The Gates concert on 6th December in Quantic Club

The well-known Swedish band AT THE GATES returns to Romania this year to promote the album “To Drink from the Night Itself,” released on May 18th via Century Media. On the 6thDecember, the gathering will take place at Quantic Club.

Known as the cornerstone of the death-metal scene in Gothenburg,  AT THE GATES  remain the creator of a highly individualized musical expression. Undoubtedly, In Flames or Dark Tranquility are at least as well-known names, but for the devoted fan of extreme metal, AT THE GATES has a deeper side. The first two albums, “The Red in the Sky Is Ours,” and “With Fear I Kiss the Burning Darkness,” combine death-metal with doom elements and lyrical themes such as anger, sadness and a dark depth that draws its roots from the encounter between visions worthy of Dostoevsky and the thought of death.

The evolution towards death metal with a more traditional tempo is done by preserving the original air given by the melodious themes of the guitars and the voice of Tomas Lindberg. Although “Terminal Spirit Disease” and “Slaughter of the Soul”  launched in 1994 and 1995, put AT THE GATES to the top, the members decided to end the project. It will take 19 years and various reunions, initially dedicated to concerts only, for the story to resume in 2014 with “At War With Reality”, a journey into the world of realism the magic marked by the collaboration with the graphic artist Costin Chioreanu.

AT THE GATES returns with a title worthy of the tradition of the first albums, “To Drink from the Night Itself”.

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