Kall (ex-Lifelover) signs with Prophecy Productions


Prophecy Productions is proud to announce the signing of Sweden’s Kall. The Stockholm sextet, which formed in 2012 from the ashes of Lifelover and released its self-titled debut in 2014, is currently putting the finishing touches on its first full-length for Prophecy.

Swedish for “cold”, Kall pulls together elements of post-punk and depressive suicidal black metal (aka ‘DSBM’), pushing the sounds together to create a style that has been called “thundering”, earning the band the title of “the Velvet Underground of black ‘n roll” (Cvlt Nation). Kall’s powerful, cathartic songs are emotional, organic, and shrouded in an eerie darkness. Long-hanging funereal guitar lines float over peaks of thunderous cacophony and valleys of soul-searching melodies before settling into all of the subtle, beautiful, and terrifying spaces in between.

Lifelover is credited for being one of the biggest influences on DSBM. The band split in 2011 following the death of vocalist Jonas “B” Bergqvist and the release of four influential full-length albums. Today, Kall continues creating the concussive atmospheres and spreading the depressive downtempo darkness that Lifelover forged, adding inspiration from nature and daily life to define its own personal, psychedelic journey.

cover photo by: Thomas Mazerolles, Thorium.

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