Grimegod concert in Bucharest

16th of June @Yellow Club

Grimegod are returning to Bucharest at the middle of June, this time with a special concert: for the first time in Bucharest, the band will be playing the album „Dreamside of Me” in its entirety, album which is considered a masterpiece of the 90’ by the press!

Considered by critics to be „emotional depressive gothic doom metal”, „Dreamside of Me” has been released in 1997 through Bestial Records, it remains one of the most beloved albums of the end of the millennia.

A one hour of emotional and “suffering” music, the album is a journey into the inner universe of dreams.

The show will be opened by the band Katara, a melodic death metal band, which influences from several metal subgenres. The band was formed in 2014 in Arad, the band took its name from Greek, which translated means “Curse”.

The show will take place on the 16th of June in Bucharest, which will be a new session of “heavy” metal!

YELLOW CLUB (Lucretiu Patrascanu str., no. 1, Sector 3, Bucuresti).

Saturday, 16th of June 2018, 20 o’clock (access to the venue is permitted starting with 20 o’clock).

Common transport: metro (Costin Georgian station): RATB: 70, 79, 102, 253 (Lucretiu Patrascanu station), 92, 101, 330, 335 (Titan Park station).

Taking photos and filming is allowed during the show. Access with beverages and food from outside the venue is prohibited. There will be a merch and CD stand at the venue.

Ticket price: 20 Lei (at the venue entrance on the night of the show.

Mention: This show is a non-profit show, and all the earnings will be used for the organization of the event.

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