Akral Necrosis, Mercy’s Dirge and Váthos

Club Quantic - 18th of May

Akral Necrosis will be performing in Club Quantic on the 18th of May as part of the Festering Spring Tour 2018 and will be having the bands Mercy’s Dirge and Váthos as special guests. Tickets can be purchased with 20 lei (presale price) through iabilet.ro or at the venue entrance, or on the night of the show with 25 lei.

Mercy’s Dirge – black/death metal – Suceava

Considered to be the first black/death metal band from Romania, Mercy’s Dirge are making a comeback after a 2 decade break. The band starting live performances again a year ago, during which they released their self-entitled EP and a live album entitled “Live, Raw & Relentless”. The sound of the band from Suceava can be categorized into the old school black/death metal genre, with tracks that march on heavy riffs, tenebrous harmonies and macabre vocals.

Váthos – post black metal – Bucharest

  Váthos are a young post-black metal band from Bucharest founded in 2017. The band have a lot of influences from the atmospheric black or melodic death metal genres and many others. Their main goal is to bring a personal perspective to the post-black metal scene.

In 2018, Akral Necrosis have restarted their live performances with a well-defined series of concerts grouped under the title “Festering Spring Tour”. The tour, which is programed for the middle of May, will be visiting cities like Cluj (17th of May, Hard Club), Bucharest (18th of May, Club Quantic) and Iasi (19th of May, Rock’N Iasi).

After a sabbatical of 1 year, time in which they focused on conceptualizing a new album, Akral Necrosis are ready for studio recordings again. At the end of 2016, the band released its second album entitled “Underlight”, through Loud Rage Music record label, album which was well received by fans and press alike, because of the black metal the band played, which was sharp and brutal and augmented with passages that are surprising for the black metal genre.

The “Underlight” album can be listened to under the following link

Tickets can be found under www.iabilet.ro and un the iabilet.ro/retea network: the Flanco shops, Metro Unirii 1 next to the Metrorex ticket booth, the Muzica shop, the IQ BOX – Telekom shops, Café Deko, Club, Vintage, Club Quantic, Hard Rock Cafe, Beraria H, Expirat Halele Carol (18-22h), the Perfect Tour agencies, the Uman shops, on the ZebraPay terminals and via the Android and IOS iabilet app.

You can pay via credit card on www.iabilet.ro, through Paypall, Vodafone or Orange invoice (with payment at the end of the month) or through payback everywhere in the country via Fan Courier.

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