Valerinne & Mytrip – concert review

4th of april @Control Club

Where should I begin to tell you the story about last Wednesday… hmmm… well as soon as I heard that Valerinne will have a gig again I knew I should be there.

Special guest was Mytrip, an one man band from Bulgaria. It was the first time ever I listened to this and it was a beautiful surprise. I would say drone post-metal with dark ambient and noise elements which could be compared to Lustmord. The ambiance at the show was like in the classic horror movies where the lights flinch and you expect some monster or psycho to show up at any second. I was impressed with the sound in Control Club in comparison with other venues I’ve been to; here the sound is very good. The interior of the venue is a different one from the majority of concert halls I’ve visited, the design of which is a crossbreed between steampunk and industrial here and there. I will definitely return here for other shows.

The merch stand had both MC’s and CD’s for sale. Valerinne had their first album re-edited on cassette for sale.

Moving futher to Valerinne, the show began with a little delay because the whole schedule was actually a bit delayed. I saw them for 3 times already and I had mixed feelings about their show every time. At first I didn’t think that they were Romanian. They play a very successful combination of aggressiveness and beauty which creates a special atmosphere in comparison to what I’ve heard at other shows. They played a song together with Mytrip, which was more than perfect because while Valerinne’s music takes an organic approach to the post-rock genre, Mytrip comes and completes the journey with sounds gravitating around ambient and drone.

Their sound gave you a certain feeling, something like a space travel, going further into the unknown, something very unique which I personally recommend if you haven’t seen them live yet. The sound was perfect throughout the entire show, each instrument being in perfect equilibrium with the ambiance. With the guarantee of a good sound, Valerinne is a band which deserves to be seen with every possible occasion and who have a lot to offer in their future musical activity.

Until next time !


Full gallery by Gheorghe Paraschiv here 


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