Shining, Clouds & A taste of fear confirmed at Metal Gates Festival

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Shining is coming back to Romania after 4 years. Founded in 1996 by Niklas Kvarforth, Shining self-released ‘Submit to Self-Destruction’ in 1998 and spawned the term “suicidal black metal” with this debut 7″. Niklas Kvarforth is not the first artist struggling with mental illness and related issues. The erratic Swede is also not the first musician whose inner demons are part of the creative genius. Yet in the world of metal, his band Shining remains as a unique and outstanding act in terms of talent and musical excellence. The band released a new album in January, “X – Varg utan flock”, which is a musical masterpiece far beyond simple genre limitations and a shining tribute to the achievement that a troubled mind is capable of when driven by a passionate will to excel and overcome. Listen with respect. We made a review of the album and you can find it here.

The second confirmation is Clouds, which is preparing a very special show for Metal Gates Festival. We cannot disclose now the full surprise, but in time we will let you know the details. Anyway expect also a lot of guests.
Clouds is and always will be music made for the soul, no hidden intentions or empty words, no trend or fashion to which the band’s music will adhere to. The music is made for departed ones, loved ones who now are no longer amongst us. It’s an ode, a remembrance and a way to express the feeling of eternal loss, something which cannot be compared in words. Its music is everything, beyond image or status. Clouds will combine the naked soul as it is in all its grieving splendour with the simplicity of melodies which flow however from a grieving heart. There have been two full length albums and an EP since the band’s conception and the story will not end here.

The third and final confirmation for today is A TASTE OF FEAR, a very nice blending of technical thrash and death metal coming from the heart of Italy.
Active since march 2014, it is musically inspired by old school Thrash and Death Metal bands, such as TESTAMENT, KREATOR, DEATH and OBITUARY. While, the lyrics are essentially based on moods, feelings, sensations and social injustices. The project comes alive thanks to the ideas composed and written by bassist Michele Attolino, which are based on his favorite metal genres, Thrash and Death Metal. After a long period of evaluation, Michele decides to devote himself to the project. After a research of valid elements to form the band, on April 2014 singer Stefano Sciamanna joins the project. His eclectic vocal versatilities are suitable to emphasize all those hardships, injustices and feelings expressed in the lyrics. On February 2015, drummer Flavio Castagnoli joins the band, thanks to his remarkable technical skills and Thrash Metal soul. On August 2015, the band is completed with guitarist Emiliano Pacioni, a versatile and very experienced musician, a recognized talent.

You can find presale tickets here at 130 RON. Starting from May 1st, the price will go up.

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