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Another day, another drama, another weekend, another gig. Well, it was a last minute call and I knew no band but I like to try new things. Also, I think my relationship with Quantic club is going somewhere, as I find myself spending most weekends there, lately. The event was organized by Final Step Production which (in my personal opinion) was already a sign of confidence (I never got disappointed by one event that bears their mark). I got there by the time the first band started and I was surprised to see around 100, maybe 120 people at some point. On my way to the front, I’ve seen the merch stand which seemed to have a variety of goodies.

Once again I noticed tables and benches. Don’t take it wrong, I like the comfort they bring but is difficult to move around the club when people are standing, not sitting, between the tables, blocking every possible way.

PSYCHOGOD was the first band. I’ve seen them before so I kinda knew what to expect. As a Melodic Death Metal band, the show was mostly full of energy and power. A great communication with the public, some sense of humor and a warm welcome. Heavy drums, some nice guitar riffs, and pretty good vocals. The sound was good, but I felt the speakers pushing me back while I was taking the pictures (so I guess it might have been a bit loud for those in front of the stage).

The next band was NEGATIVE CORE PROJECT. Never heard of them or anything. At first, I thought it might also be some melodic Death Metal but after I saw „Flip”, the lead vocal, I knew it was about gangsta rock or, how do I like to call it „rap-rock”. The show was very interesting, with much energy, some „from the hood” attitude and two songs played with guests. The lead singer was all over the place but the bass player didn’t leave his spot in front of the drums, which was somehow weird.It was chill and heavy at the same time. If you are familiar with the genre, there is a slight chance you’ll leave confused. I can’t declare myself a fan but the public seemed to love it and reacted.

The third band and the headliner of that evening were Excrementory Grindfuckers. A total surprise for me, as I’ve never seen or listened to these guys before. And wow, what an atmosphere they create! So much energy that came in so many ways, that would make you dance, jump, headbang, and so on. You can tell the band has formed a very devoted public in our country, by the insane things that happened in front of the stage. I’ve heard heavy drums with heavy guitar, pop goes rock, samba goes metalcore, basically anything. It was a great communication between the public and the band, with much humor, laughs, and smiles. I loved the golden shorts that Mike (the keyboard player) wore but also, the fact that all of them were dressed like there was a city break in Hawaii and not in a freezing capital of Eastern Europe.

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