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I don’t always miss a band I like, but when I do, I eventually try to get to one concert. And that’s how I decided it was about time to see Hteththemeth.

I got to the club twenty minutes before the show started. The weather was nice and most smokers were outside when I arrived. I went inside, took my stamp on my hand (which was funny) and entered the venue. To my surprise, I saw tables and chairs, which I never encountered in a concert at Quantic. There were some people talking, some at the bar, some at the tables. I found my place, on the right side of the stage and waited.

The show started on time, with no delay and with Jinxy Von D”ers. I knew the band, heard of them but never listened to them or seen them before. A young, very promising Alternative band from Bucharest, with a great sound. One who won the „The Best Alternative Newcomer ” prize from Metalhead Awards. The vocals were quite impressing, coming from a small girl like Iris, they kinda hit you like a hammer in the face. Strong essence in small bottles, after all.  There were heavy drums, interesting guitar riffs and a nice mix of heavy and clear vocals. The sound was better than I expected and I had no problem telling the voice from the guitar. One thing about Jinxy, they have a lot of energy, which is very important for a band. Especially if there are people who never heard of them. If you don’t come as fan, you’ll leave as one. Unfortunately, they got less public than they deserve.


After a short break of „rearranging” the sound and the stage, a black curtain raised and the night just got a lot more interesting. I know Hteththemeth for a while, now and I am a big fan o their work. The band had quite a hard time going up, but they worked hard and so „Best Worst Case Scenario”  came out and changed everything for them. Never got the chance to see them live for different reasons, but I was as curious as one can be. By the time the show started, around 100 people where in the club. After that, all I could say was basically nothing. The concert was a total blast. It had emotion, it had energy, it took us through heaven and hell and twisted our minds in a big way. Every part had a unique set, a different story, a different style and a great sound. It was mysterious, funny, romantic, a bit naughty and heavy, pretty much a life story in two hours. The girls from 4Tune Quartet have shown much professionalism and got a great response from the public. They were the missing piece that made the show complete. Another impressing thing was the energy the band gave to the fans, playing in a very natural way with no sign of fatigue. The sound was technically good as it was with Jinxy. Also, much appreciation for the light show offered by Flavia and also for her theatrical performance but also for „Olga”, who was a very distinct presence there. Hteththemeth is definitely an „inhuman” band, with a great power and a great mind behind.

As a personal opinion, this was the most complex, complete and impressing show I’ve seen from a Romanian band.

Overall, the show was a success, even though both bands deserved a larger public. A great bonus for the sound were the pannels around the drums. As for merch, it was in the back of the club, as usual, and a little poor.

All pics featured in this review were taken by our friend and fellow member Gheorghe Paraschiv.  Here you can find more.


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