New track Ascension

new song taken from the third album named "Under Ether"

Dreaming in Death hails from Ascension‘s highly anticipated third album, “Under ether”, set for international release on March 30th via W.T.C.Productions.

“‘Dreaming in Death’ feels like the natural choice to give a first glimpse into the album,” says the band. “It’s a straight forward track, powerful yet melodic at times. Underneath it has this strange, feverish pulse. Something that is immanent in the whole album. Lyrically it is misanthropy incarnate: a pretty known theme used as a scornful statement on mankind’s inferior place upon the sacrificial altar of true ancient forces. Something that cannot be measured by numbers or described by words. Something that lurks in the shadows, spreading fear and terror. Something of true greatness.”

From Ascension’s third album, Under Ether, here is “Dreaming in Death:”

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