Hteththemeth and 4Tune Quartet will stage the concept show “Best Worst Case Scenario” through a new light.

The inhuman music will complete its song sheet with an infusion of room music, bringing spirit to the “Best Worst Case Scenario” show, based on the album with the same name of the band Hteththemeth from Brasov and on the sensibility, amplitude and color of 4Tune Quartet’s classical instruments, which are also from Brasov. The fall and transformation of Hteththemeth from archangel to revealer of new feelings and experiences will be narrated musically and scenically in a last and special set of concerts in which the conceptual album will be presented to the masses.

Thus, on the 10th of March, Hteththemeth are inviting you to join them at club Quantic in Bucharest, on the 16th of March at Rockstadt in Brasov and on the 24th of March at Flying Circus in Cluj.

Special invitees to this tour are 4Tune Quartet from Brasov, which is a particular musical project which, usually, show a new face of rock, transforming masterpieces of the genre into room music, in an arrangement typical of a classical cvartet. With a unique stage presence, the 4 piece line-up of 4Tune Quartet are professional musicians with a love for rock and metal.

In these 3 concerts, 4Tune Quartet will complete the musical and conceptual color palette of the album “Best Worst Case Scenario”, with the most detailed presentation on stage of the album, giving it a new dimension. The album was launched by Hteththemeth in the first part of the year 2016, which was appreciated by both fans and musical critics alike. Combining a multitude of musical styles, from blues to bossa-nova to rock and metal, in one word “inhuman music”, the album want to be a soundtrack for an imaginary movie, which presents a life full of dreams, superscripted over the spiritual conflict which marks the thoughts and choices of the character which will eventually become Hteththemeth.




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