Imperial Age, Null Positiv and The Devil on stage with Therion

11' March in Quantic Club

As we talked before, there is not much time left until 11’th March and until Therion will rock the stage of Quantic Club. Even if the Swedish band promised us an amazing show with their new metal opera called „Beloved Antichrist”, they will now come alone. In the night of 11’th we will also Imperial Age, Null Positive and The Devil, three bands wich are currently touring along Therion. For those who are not familiar with the bands, here’s a little part of them.

Imperial Age is a Symphonic metal band from Russia, founded in 2012 by singers/keyboardists Alexander “Aor” Osipov and Jane “Corn” Odintsova. Since then, the band’s situation excalated quickly and now they are considered to be the best known disciples of symphonic metal from their motherland. Imperial Age has three studio albums so far and has won many medals. They offer a mixture of heavy metal, male and female opera and rock vocals and orchestral and choral sounds. The band gained international recognition after Christofer Johnsson, Therion’s „brain”, noticed their talents and signed them to his own label Adulruna. Since then, the band joined Therion not only on tours but also on single gigs. In 2016, Imperian Age became the most internationally touring Russian band (after Arkona), with a total of 44 concerts in Europe. In their first years, they played intensively in Russia, opening for big acts like Tarja Turunen, Epica, Paradise Lost or Tristania.

Null Positiv is a female fronted band which might be the cup of tea for Arch Enemy fans.

The Devil is an Atmospheric Gothic metal band from UK.

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