Akral Necrosis – “Festering Spring Tour”

17 May - Cluj, Hard Club / 18 May - Bucuresti, Quantic Club / 19 May - Iasi, Rock'N'Iasi

In 2018, Akral Necrosis are restarting their live activity with a series of concise concerts grouped under the name “Festering Spring Tour”. The tour is programed to start in the middle of May and will visit Cluj, Bucharest and Iasi, the last concert being part of the “Rock’n’Iasi Festival”, where the band will be going on stage on Saturday.

The black metal line-up will be presenting new features in their 80 minute long playlist which they have prepared for the Festering Spring Tour. Among songs from Pandemic Domination and Underlight, they will also play new material, which they have created for their third album, which will be released this year. More concerts for 2018 will be announced soon.

Tour dates:

17 May – Cluj, Hard Club

18 May – Bucuresti, Quantic Club

19 May – Iasi, Rock’N’Iasi

Akral Necrosis, one of the most aggressive and long-lasting black metal bands from Romania, are returning on stage in 2018 with a series of concerts. After a wild year from the point of view of their live activity, time which has been devoted to the conceptualization of a new album, the band is now preparing to go into the studio for recordings. At the end of 2016, the band released their second album entitled “Underlight”, through Loud Rage, album which has been well received by fans and has also by the international media, thanks to their black metal style which is edgy and without compromise, augmented with surprising passages for the genre that the band is playing.

Akral Necrosis will release details for their concerts in Bucharest and Cluj soon.

“Underlight” can be listened to under the following link:


Official band page:


Line-up Akral Necrosis:

Octav Necrosis – voice

Victor – guitar

Gabriel – guitar

Soyos – bass guitar

Traian SullenSun – drums

Booking is done by Cavalleria and the poster is created by Costin Chioreanu/Twilight13Media.

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