Carnifliate and Snogg return to Bucharest


CARNIFLIATE, one of the best bands from Slovenia bring extreme metal listeners to a new show that promises to be done „by the book”

If death metal and grindcore means everything to you, then Carnifliate is the type of band that makes you climb walls from the first song. Extremely dynamic, the young slovenian band returns to Bucharest on the 25th of March 2018. The show, which will take place in club Yellow, is part of the „March of Death” tour; the first album will be presented in full, but new tracks will also be on the playlist!

The band SNOGG started their journey in 2013, having a band name that is impossible to write down, being pronouced: (Black Trail), name that will eventually be changed to Snøgg, under which they hold several shows under the following line-up:

Ulv: guitar, keyboard, vocals, rituals

Mørke – drums, spells

Labeled as „freeride black metal”, in 2016 they release their first demo, which is maybe one of the most experiemental demos of the last few years. It is followed by the EP „Qivitoq”. In March, after more than a year, we will have the opportunity to see Snøgg in Romania again, this time with their new material under the form of „Abeloth” and also in a new scenic line-up.


YELLOW CLUB is situated on Lucretiu Patrascanu Street nr. 1, Sector 3 (Bucharest).

The concert will take place on the Sunday the 25th of March 2018 at 19 o’clock (hour at which the doors to the venue will be opened to the public).

Public Transport: Metro (Costin Georgian station), RATB: 70, 79, 102, 253 (Lucretiu Patrascanu station), 92, 101, 330, 335 (Parc Titan station).

Taking photos and filming is allowed during the show. Access with beverages and food from outside the club is forbidden. A CD and t-shirt stand will be available at the show.

Attention: This concert is a non-profit one and all the revenue is used for the organization of the event. Ticket price will be annouced shortly.


Event page on Facebook

A metal Under Moonlight event (Edition 72).

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