Pestilence – Bucharest (13.02.2018)

Fight The Plague tour

This Tuesday 13th we put our most elegant Death Metal t-shirts on and attended the Pestilence show, part of the “Fight The Plague” tour. It took place in Fabrica Club, Bucharest and was hosted by none other than our very true maniacs from Romanian Thrash Metal Club.

The show started almost an hour late, but, aside from that, no further delays occurred and the bands played their full sets.

The first band that walked on stage was Violentor. Because of a time-related misunderstanding, I missed the first part of their show, that as far as  I understood started around 20:15.  However, the Italian maniacs pulled the bells that announce the unleashing hell. They rose the proper society to hell – attitude, with their storm of Speed/Thrash Metal riffs, spiced with a touch of punk, in a straightforward and steady manner. Their sound works like a Swiss clock, striking directly to the point, without no variations of the main line. The high-speed riffs and drumming mixed with their own ingredient of pure aggression made it a blast.

Distillator from the Netherlands followed up, full of energy. Fast riffs and drumming, their approach of old school Thrash Metal was really intense. They played from their “Summoning the Malicious” album released last year, as well as some older tracks. With a worked up and full of potential sound, they made a hell of a show with what I felt was honest enthusiasm. Their speed sound worked as a caffeine pill, instantly waking up every muscle. The crowd seemed to get in that atmosphere, everyone was moving, headbanging and cheering up for the band.

The third band that got on stage was Rebaelliun, a band with a history in the Brazilian Death Metal scene, that I personally would place right beside Krisiun. Their comeback was totally welcomed. They had an excellent performance with fast crushing riffs and insane solos all put together with brutal blast beats, angry vocals, and technicality – the main feature of their sound.There is no secret that their shows are known for being very impressive and this live performance made no exception. No need to say they were very appreciated by the crowd.

They were followed up by the tour’s headliner – Pestilence. With a smashing special set list and a new formula near Patrick Mameli (Septimiu Hărşan, Tilen Hudrap and Calin Paraschiv), Pestilence showed us that once you get to Death Metal, you’ll be able to Death Metal ‘till the end, no matter what. The special setlist consisted solely of songs from the band’s first era, (focusing on their first four albums) which in my book made this gig a must-see. The crowd was cheered before they were even on stage.Their show kicked over any expectations, being hard to describe since we are already talking about a well-known legend in Death Metal. They played tracks from Testimony of the Ancients such as Twisted Truth;  reviving the nineteens. It was an impeccable performance with the characteristic stunning sound of Pestilence. It was a memorable gig in all the ways.


One could also buy some goodies from the Merch area.

All pics featured in this review were taken by our friend and fellow member Gheorghe Paraschiv.  Here you can find more.

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