“Tragic” and “Ropeburn”

@ Club Motiv

HCR|RO is continuing their activity in 2018 through the collaboration with club Motiv, which is located in the old “Question Mark” venue on Calea Victoriei. The passion for live underground music started from this very place, and especially for those who, one way or another, have made it possible for 7inc to exist.

We start where we left of and the “QM Nights” series of events will debut with the “Tragic vs Ropeburn” show which is set for the 27th of January at 20 o’clock.

“Tragic” is an alternative, psychedelic band which took shape in 2007 in Bucharest, Romania. The band has made itself heard, even from the start, through their original sound which combines doom metal with post-metal elements, all in a manner full of energy. “Tragic” return to the stage with its original line-up; Alex (vocals) has returned to the band, officially, in October 2017. An EP was made in April 2014, which was followed by an album in September 2015, which contained the master version of the EP as well. The band has credited bands such as Mastodon, Amenra, Tool, Russian Circles, Isis and Puscifer as major influences in their music. Along the years, the band has had shows together with We Lost The Sea and LO!. A link to a live show can be found here.

“Ropeburn” is a hardcore, punk, sludge band from Bucharest, Romania and was founded in March 2014. Adepts of hard and aggressive music, the guys from “Ropeburn” have managed to put human shallowness into music. Their EP, “Boundaries of Self Indulgence”, talks about the idea of life and control, dreams and emotions, discovery and religion, trauma and aggression. The main influences the band has are Mastodon, Isis, Cult of Luna, Converge, Amenra, Code Orange and The Ocean. “Ropeburn” have been the opening act for several foreign bands such as: Zatokrev, Hexis, Implore, Eaglehaslanded and The Arson Project. A link to a live performance can be found here.

7inc is a community who supports and promotes underground music in Romania by its own means, through passion for music and the desire to help, develop and extend the idea of an underground collative. The community is a fusion between 0331 Records (record label), Code Forge (web development and online solutions), HC|RO (booking), Headfullofnoise (community outreach), Psychedelicious (event planner), VZR Graphics (artwork and graphic design).


Thus, we are waiting for all of you on Saturday the 27th in club Motiv, Calea Victoriei 48-50, for this event.

Event program:

20:00 – Open Doors
21:00 – Warmup
21:30 – Tragic
23:00 – Ropeburn
00:00 – After-party

Access to the event will be limited to the venue’s capacity. Entry is free of charge! For more details please write to us on contact@7inc.ro or find us on Facebook

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