Abigor-Höllenzwang (Chronicles of Perdition)

new black metal album

If you think Abigor is a kind of “green humanist harm-not-one-branch black metal band“ or some sort of abracadabra pseudo occult band, you are completely mistaken. After four long years, Abigor released their tenth studio album named “Höllenzwang (Chronicles of Perdition)”. The name of the album was inspired by the work of Johann Faust, who was an alchemist, astrologer and magician of the German Renaissance. For a band that seems to be so genuine, Abigor is not at all that easy to digest. As they said, for this album, minimalism was the law, and this is seen in the focus put upon the guitar riffs. Even from the beginning, we are greeted by the first track called “All Hail Darkness and Evil”. A dark, dense pattern opens up in the second track “Sword of Silence”, where Silenius’ vocals mark some of his best work. The atmosphere is majestic yet coherent created only with guitar riffs and blast beats and, in my opinion, this is the most unpredictable song of the album. The composition is fast paced and the guitars are not always distorted. Next tracks: “Black Death Sathanas (Our Lord’s Arrival)” and “The Cold Breath of Satan” are not deprived of melodious components while the guitars have a dissonant flavor. “The Cold Breath of Satan” begins with an upbeat march and then everything becomes fast and heavy. Each track merges with the next creating a chaotic atmosphere where nothing repeats itself. ”None before Him” starts with a plain guitar riff that expands in a thousand sounds and demonic vocal interventions and maniacal drums. The sixth song “Olden Days” has a slower debut, but then the guitars abolish the mind of the listener. ”Hymn to the Flaming Void” is the most elaborate track of the album with vocals and guitar riffs mixed in a complex way  leaving the listener with a weird, somehow triumphant feeling. “Christ`s descend into Hell” is another relentless metal attack with brutal sounding guitar. “Ancient Fog of Evil” unfolds the notes of primordial chaos with ritualistic invocations and staccato rhythm.

This album is heavily guitar-driven and T.T.’s musical genius is seen through to the very structure of this music. Apart from the typical black metal vocals, there are various spoken words, clean vocals, here and there like in an old horror movie.

The lyrics evoke vivid images, very dark, but with a clear and objective message. Although there is less repetition, each track maintains a coherent narrative and a noble decadence with the fanatic adoration of Satan.

In the end, “Höllenzwang (Chronicles of Perdition)” is a beautiful, aggressive and conclusive album without any hint of fake dramatism.


1-All Hail Darkness and Evil

2-Sword of Silence

3-Black Death Sathanas (Our Lord’s Arrival)

4-The Cold Breath of Satan

5-None Before Him

6-Olden Days

7-Hymn to the Flaming Void

8-Christ’s Descent Into Hell

9-Ancient Fog of Evil

Release date: January 3rd, 2018


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