Interview with Cloak

Black Metal/Rock from Atlanta

Hello and thank you for accepting my request! For those that have never heard of you before, can you tell us a little bit about the band?  how did you guys get together to form Cloak?

Scott: The band formed out of the urge to create something that was missing from most of the modern metal and hard rock music scenes. Normal people playing “extreme” music wasn’t cutting it for us. We wanted to form a band where not only the music was extreme, but the ideology between the members and the everyday actions were anything but mundane. Cloak came about from the dire need to express the spiritual energies that are bound up inside of us.

What are your main influences when it comes about music and how do you get into writing you music?

I could sit here and name bands all day like Iron Maiden, Danzig, Dissection, Death, so on and so on. But I think it’s important to state that the approach of the artist is what’s most important. For example, all of Danzig’s bands are incredible, but the way he approached his art was more special. He went about it with untamed desire and didn’t give a fuck about what was trendy at the time or who would cling on to it. And that’s exactly why each band was successful, because people can sense honesty and are drawn to boundless energies expelled from art of this nature. This is how we want to approach  our music; with undying love, respect, and honesty.

Define your music in 3 words.

Triumphant, Alluring, and Sinister.

What are the ‘Cloak’ guys doing in their spare time besides music?

Our lives are mostly dedicated to Cloak and music in general so there’s not much that happens outside of that realm. Anything that can strengthen the spirit so that those energies can be put back into the music is extremely important. Each member is different in this regard.

Let’s talk a bit about the local scene. How supportive it is? Are there any bands or musicians you could site that helped guide you in the beginning?

Cloak was 100% on our own when we started out and we are still very much secluded from any sort of scene. This is very important for us, distance is essential. The local scene here has been supportive and we released our first EP on a label called Boris Records out of Atlanta. He has been a crucial part in the Atlanta heavy music scene.

 Do you have any touring or show plans in Romania for the future?

Not Romania quite yet, but in due time it will happen. First we will promote the new album, “To Venomous Depths”, here in the US as much as possible. Europe will be next.

Before we come to the end of the interview, do you have any final words or thoughts for our readers?

“To Venomous Depths” is out now, be sure to pick it up. Feel the darkness.

Thank you for doing this !

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