Rockstadt Indoor Festival 5-7 April

Kruhnen Musik Halle / Brasov


These are the first confirmations for the 2018 Edition of the Rockstadt Indoor Festival.


Without hesitation, Ihsahn is one of the most iconic figures in the black metal scene and at the same time the progressive metal scene as well. He is best known as the leader of the legendary black metal band Emperor, together with which he recorded the band’s first album “In The Nightside Eclipse”. The album was voted as one of the best metal albums ever multiple times throughout the years. Since then, Ihsahn has split his time between projects like Emperor, Thou Shalt Suffer, Peccatum, Hardingrock and most importantly his solo project which holds his name, Ihsahn.


Celebrating 30 years of existence, this proved the perfect moment for Samael to return to Romania after two years from their previous performance in Brasov. If at that moment we had the opportunity to listen to “Ceremony of Opposites” in its entirety, this time, the Swiss band will have a setlist comprised of songs from their entire discography, including new material as well.


After a long absence, Dordeduh are restarting their live performances and Rockstadt Indoor Fest is one of the few shows confirmed until now by the band. With a new and at the same time experimental musical perspective, the guys from Dordeduh have distanced themselves from their previous project, Negura Bunget, playing a different style of black and progressive metal, combined with traditional Romanian instruments. With each release, the bad has offered a natural approach and perspective, showing its own musical identity through the process.

Another 6 bands will be announced in the upcoming weeks.

A number of 850 tickets have been put out on sale for the Rockstadt Indoor Festival.  The tickets will be available for purchase online, as well as in the network ( . In Brasov, the festival passes can be purchased at club Rockstadt.

Presale offers are as follows:

First 200 tickets – 210 lei

Next 300 tickets – 230 lei

The last 350 tickets – 260 lei

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