Concert Gaahls WYRD

4.02.2018 / club Fabrica

Continuing the „Vardøger European Tour” at the beginning of 2018, the project “Gaahls WYRD” is arriving in Romania for the first time in its current lineup. The band will perform a special concert for all black metal fans! The show will take place on the 4th of February at “Fabrica” club in Bucharest, alongside another band which will be announced in the coming weeks.

Tickets can be purchased on at the price of 49 Lei (for the first 50 tickets) and 59 (regular price). At the venue entrance, the ticket will cost 70 Lei.

Attention: Only 200 tickets will be put on sale!

Gaahls WYRD

Although the band is a relatively new one, Gaahls WYRD represents the culimation of two decades of work and dedication from the man which the band’s name is inspired by, Gaahl. Because of his involvement in various musical projects such as Gorgoroth, God Seed, Wardruna, Gaahlskagg, Sigfader and Trelldom, the black metal community has come to know him as a unique voice amongst black metal musicians.

The setlist that the band has prepared for the concert will include songs from the band Gorgoroth, God Seed and Trelldom. They will also be performing songs that have not been released yet, but will be part of the EP that the band will release. To be noted is that part of Gaahls WYRD is also the talented guitarist Stian Kårstad also known as “Sir” on stage. Gaahl and Sir go back 20 years, having previously played together in two bands, Trelldom and God Seed. The lineup will also be composed of former members of bands such as God Seed, Borknagar, Aeternus and Sahg.

An event by Maximum Rock 


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