Best releases of 2017

alphabetical order from black metal to synth and urban black metal

As another year is coming to an end, we’ve thought that it might be a good opportunity to talk a little bit about the records that impressed us in 2017.

Acherontas– Amarta (Formulas of Reptilian Unification Part II) Hellenic black metallers Acherontas made this great album as a sequel of “Ma-Ion”. It abounds of ritualistic concepts and gnostic philosophy. Full of occult teachings, Amarta manages to be exquisite but menacing.
Akercocke– After 10 years of inactivity British Progressive Black/Death Metal band Akercocke released their exquisite material entitled Renaissance in Extremis. The sixth material is one superb mixture of brutal Death Metal with many Progressive elements resulting in one interesting masterpiece.
Amenra– Hard to speak about such an impressive album. Amenra are merely transferring that what is submitted through them.

Also after 10 years of inactivity German Epic Pagan Metal band Andras launched a new record entitled Reminiszenzen… One interesting return that reminds in some sense of old school Andras, being a must for all their fans. Only pour les connoisseurs.

AnomalieVisions  this band has an atmospheric blackened sound. Guys are from Austria & if you are not aware of them you should really check them out !
Aosoth – V: The inside scriptures- I think this could be named “the jewel of the year” with no regrets. Definetely French black metalers from Aosoth impress everytime and this time didn’t disappoint either. If don’t know the guys you should check them out.
Argus Megere– This Romanian Black Metal band released their third full length album entitled VEII. This material marks a mature direction for the band; evolving with a better sound and becoming one of the best Atmospheric Black Metal bands in our country.
Au Dessus– Lithuanian Post-Black Metal act Au-Dessus released their debut album this year. End of Chapter is definitely one magnificent debut for this young band. Highly recommended!!!
Auðn is another young appearance on the metal scene. The band released their second record Farvegir fyrndar this year. The journey takes you through ice-cold desolated landscapes with a wild and atmospheric Black Metal background.

German Heavy Metal band Attic released their second material this year. It is a pleasant surprise for us to see that the old school Mercyful Fate spirit is kept alive in a very original manner. Sanctimonious is an interesting approach towards the early metal sound.

Black Water is one of few Romanian Post/Rock – Electrogaze bands that released their first material this year. The band’s EP Heartbeats is a fine mixture of various musical genres recommended to people who don’t make compromises when it comes to music.

Blaze of Perdition– Conscious darkness is their latest album which has a perfect black metal sound. Active since 2007 Blaze of Perdition released their 4th album in 2017.
Bloodway – the very well known project of Costin Chioreanu released the album called A Fragile Riddle Crypting Clues.
Blut Aus Nord– we’ve doing a review about their album you may want to check it. Blut Aus Nord doesn’t need any further comments, this band is active since 1994 and their unique style is also reflected in their newest album Deus Salutis Meae.  

Derelicts is the latest material released by Swedish Ambient/Downtempo duo Carbon Based Lifeforms. If you want to listen to something different then prepare yourself for an earth and space journey in Downtempo fine tunes.

Celestia- after 7 years of inactivity, Celestia released this new album called Aetherra.
Celephaïs – Monad
CloudsDestin (EP) this band needs no introduction…great musicians and nice people, Clouds released their EP this year after 2 previous full lenghts. Prepare for more surprises in 2018 !
Cloak– What happens when you combine Dissection, Deep Purple, Fields of the Nephilim with a little bit of Tribulation and Watain? The answer is very simple: Cloak. The outcome is somehow very interesting because you get a fine material. To Venomous Depths is the debut album of this young band. Check them out!!!
Cold CellThose obscure black metal, a beautiful surprise for 2017.
Decapitated– Despite the issues this band has lately we should mention their awesome new album called Anticult.
Descend into despairSynaptic veil
Damage Case – Rock’N’Roll Justice
Doedsvangr – Satan ov Suns
Dool– another interesting debut is Dool’s Here Now, There Then. Progressive Rock/Doom Metal with Psychedelic Rock influences at its finest ranks. This record will surely mark a new path in music.
Earth ElectricVol 1: Solar this one is the new project of Carmen Susana Simoes & Rune Eriksen both ex Ava Inferi. I can’t wait to see the guys touring Romania as well…
Enslaved must be part of this year top. Norwegian Progressive Black Metal band released this year their latest record entitled simply E. It is one amazing material with very many modern influences and ending surprisingly with a Röyksopp cover.
Funeral Baptism – The Venom Of God
HallatarNo stars upon the bridge is definetely one of the most melancholic and full of emotions release of 2017. Juha Raivio together with Tomi Joutsen from Amorphis & Gas Lipstick formed this band as a tribute to Aleah Stanbridge.
LandawarijaR is definitely one of Helheim’s best albums. Released at the beginning of this year, this record stands for one of the best Viking/Black Metal albums released in the last time.
French band Igorrr combines many different genres such as Death Metal, Electronic music, Breakcore, Trip Hop, Baroque music and so on. If you are interested in such a mix, check out their latest album entitled Savage Sinusoid.
Inferno– Gnosis Kardias

Katla is also a musical co-operation between EinarThorbergGuðmundsson and GuðmundurÓliPálmason and they released this year their incredible debut album entitled Móðurástin. This is certainly one interesting newcomer. Check this out.

Kauan-released this year their seventh album entitled Kaiho. The record melds the best mixture of nostalgia, sorrow, and a strong sense of hope.
Lo! – Vestigial
Mord’a StigmataHope
Nargaroth’s Era of Threnody is also one good release for this year. This record opens a new path; emerging in a completely new and challenging direction. The band reinvented itself with a new musical approach.
Netra– If you enjoy Depressive Black Metal then you have to listen to the latest Netra record entitled Ingrats. This amazing one-man project is a fusion between Depressive Black Metal, Trip-Hop and various other elements like Jazz and ambient music. The band self-titled style is Urban Black Metal. Undoubtedly one of the most interesting discoveries of this year.
Ne Obliviscaris–  released their third record this year. Urn is a superb mixture of Progressive Metal with various extreme symphonic elements.
Nightbringer“Terra Damnata” Full with instrumental precision and packed with harmonies and dissonances, this album reaches an immense intensity. Terra Damnata is the sound of a band in their absolute glory.
OfermodSol Nox
Pagan AltarThe Room Of Shadows you missed those guys? You’ll see them next year at Old Grave Fest !
Another interesting comeback is Paradise Lost. English pioneers of doom/death released their latest record entitled Medusa. This material takes you on a sinuous journey reminding us now and then of old school Paradise Lost sound. Highly recommended!!!

PestlegionDominus profundum

Leaving a little bit the metal scene behind we would like to present you another fine underground Synthwave band – Perturbator. French artist James Kent released this year a new material called New Model. A very interesting niche of electronic cyberpunk with very many musical improvements.
Rotheads– Sewer Fiends

If we speak about ‘raw’ Black Metal then we have to mention German band Schattenvald. Their latest record entitled simply V is one Old School Black Metal act mixed with various symphonic elements. This record is a must for all true Black Metal fans.

Progressive supergroup Soen released this year a new material. Using analog equipment to record, Lykaia is definitely one of the best records of the year having truly a special composition.

Because this year we have some bands from Iceland we have to mention also the latest record from Sólstafir entitled Berdreyminn. One outstanding release that we highly recommand.

The long awaited Samael new record entitled Hegemony is finally out. This is one hell of a return. The band managed to overcome itself and returned with one grandios masterpiece.

Samsara Blues ExperimentOne With The Universe
Septic FleshCodex Omega is their latest abum. They still do awesome music but as a personal oppinion does not compare to A Fallen Temple. Will see them in Romania next year!
Tartarus Depth– a beautiful surprise from Greece is their album Hieroctonia. A perfect mix between death & black metal.
TenebresPain Eternal 
Throane– This French guy just brought a bit of darkness to this ‘top’. Plus une main a mordre is DehnSora second album & I am pretty sure we will hear more from this band in the next year.
German Atmospheric Black Metal band The Ruins of Beverast released a new album entitled Exuvia. An incredibly complex material with an outstanding production. This is somehow difficult to digest but due to it’s complexity it marks as one of the most interesting record launched this year. It is their fifth album and an incredibly complex one with lots of soul-crushing riffs and dark atmosphere. Lyrics are a display of despair and misanthropy about the time when the war is lost, mankind ceased to exist and the world is inhabited by feral beast. I love the outstanding quantity of decadent emotion.
The Necromancers– is a French band that plays an interesting mixture of Heavy/Doom Metal with Hard Rock influences, using at the same time occult lyrics. Servants of the Salem Girl is the band’s debut album released this year. A very catchy record for a newcomer band.
Coming back to Romania we recommand you The Thirteenth Sun debut material Stardust. One relatively young band with very talentated musicians that managed to sign with a prestigious label releasing one incredible cosmic story.
Ucigan– This Romanian band could be the best new comer from our country. The self titled debut album Ucigan can be found on Bandcamp. We hope to hear much from this guys in the near future.
Ulver–  “The Assassination of Iulius Caesar” Ever-changing wolves bring us this avantgarde piece of art.
UrnThe Burning  we did a review of this album and you can check it here
Avant-garde/Progressive Metal musicians from Vulture Industries impressed us with their latest record entitled Stranger Times.

And, slowly coming to an end we would like to remind you of Warbringer’s last album Woe to the Vanquished. Pure and violent Thrash Metal. Highly recommended!!!

White WardFutility report 
Wolves in the throne room– Those guys are doing a great job as well with their latest album Thrice Woven

This was 2017, with the good and the bad, but musically a lot of masterpieces have been released. I want to thank my team for the support they have shown and for being part of this project and I would also like to thank our readers who kept an eye open towards our work during the year!

See you in 2018 !

~ Din Intunerec team

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