New names confirmed at Artmania Festival 2018 edition

27-28th of July, Sibiu Romania

Steven Wilson, Leprous, ROME, Zeal & Ardor and Distorted Harmony are the first artists to be confirmed for the 13th edition of the “ARTmania Festival”, which will take place between the 27th and 28th of July, in Sibiu.

Steven Wilson, the well-known founder of the band „Porcupine Tree”, will be concerting for the first time in Romania at the “ARTmania Festival”.

Since 2003, Steven Wilson started composing and producing music under his own name. His new material includes renderings of well-known songs from artists such as Alanis Morissette, Abba, The Cure, Momus, Prince and Donovan.  His first solo album, “Insurgentes” includes 10 tracks and was released in 2008. The album incorporates a variety of styles and rhythms, from ballades to hymns to industrial noise.  The last album released by the artist is To The Bone” released on the 18th of August 2017.


Leprous are returning to an ARTmania event after an absence of seven years. The band is considered one of the rising stars in the Norwegian metal scene.

Their music is compiled of styles such as „progressive rock”, „jazz” and „pure metal” and are influenced by classical music composers and artists of difference genres such as: Björk, Muse, Porcupine Tree, Massive Attack, Ulver, Opeth and Radiohead. The first studio releases of the band „Tall Poppy Syndrome” (2009), „Bilateral” (2011) and „Coal” (2013) have peaked the interest of the public and press alike, whilst the album „The Congregation” (2015) gave Leprous the chance to go on a world tour. The last album released is „Malina” (2017) and has been critically acclaimed for its diverse mix of poly-rhythmic sounds combined with incisive lyrics.


ROME will be performing at the “ARTmania Festival” for the first time. The band is considered one of the most important bands from the genre neofolk and martial industrial. Founded in 2005 by Jerome Reuter, the musical project is known as “the architect of melancholy”, a main theme in all ROME compositions. The first studio recording of the band is “Berlin”, which was released in 2006. The latest album of the band is “The Hyperion Machine” released in 2016.


Zeal & Ardor is another band who will be playing in Romania for the first time. The project is an “avant-garde metal”, founded in 2014 by the Swiss musician Manuel Gagneux. The band already has one studio release named “Devil is Fine”. The album is a mix of „avant-garde metal”, with spiritual influences and tribal rhythms, deepened with black metal riffs and an experimental rock approach.

Distorted Harmony is the most well-known „progressive metal” from Israel. Founded in 2010 in Tel Aviv by Yoav Efron and Yogev Gabay, the band currently has two studio releases „Utopia” (2012) and „Chain Reaction” (2014), and are currently working on their third release. The band has been present on the stages of European and American festivals such as „ProgPower Europe” (2016), „Haunted Sky Festival” and „ProgPower USA” (2017).


Passes for the “ARTmania Festival” 2018 edition have been put out on sale through: Kompostor, Eventim, MyTicket and iaBilet. The early bird passes are priced at 150 lei. The price is available until the end of December 2017. Starting with January 2018, the price for a 2 day pass will be 190 lei.

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