Puta Volcano, Purple Dino and Roadkillsoda at SoundArt Festival 2018

May 11 – May 13, 2018

Puta Volcano (stoner, GR), Purple Dino (heavy rock, GR) and Roadkillsoda (stoner, RO) confirm their presence at the SoundArt Festival 2018, next to Klimt 1918, Methadone Skies, Need and Somali Yacht Club. SoundArt’s new edition proposes an eccentric format to amateurs of stoner and progressively: three days of festival in three clubs in Bucharest – Quantic Club, fabrica club and Control Club- May 11-13. Passes and  tickets can be purchased for a promotional price on iabilet.ro.

PUTA VOLCANO – stoner rock – Greece

Puta Volcano is one of the most relevant appearances on the rock stoner scene in Greece in the past few years. The band was born in Athens in 2011 and released two materials, “The Sun” and “Harmony of Spheres”. Launched in 2017 and received well by both fans and the press, “Harmony of Spheres” can be considered an album that reflects on the complex questions about life and the universe, enigmas transposed into 8 pieces of psychedelic rock stoner enriched by the remarkable voice of Luna Stoner.

The band has attended the Desert Fest, Street Mode Festival, HiJack Fest, Ziria Music Festival, Rockwave Festival, and other festivals.

The new album can be listened here.

PURPLE DINO – heavy rock’n roll – Greece

Purple Dino came to life in 2013. The Greek group of four “dinosaurs purple” are experimenting in a manner that erases the boundaries between rock’n’roll, stoner and heavy metal. Recommended especially to the fans of 1000Mods, Nightstalker and Planet of Zeus, the band easily found a place in the rock stoner scene in Greece. In 2013, they released their first demo, “Demosaurus,” followed by their debut album “Jurassic Bar”.

“Jurassic Bar” can be listened here.


ROADKILL SODA – stoner rock – Romania

RoadkillSoda – the most relevant Romanian stoner / desert rock / rock’n’roll band – is coming back to the second edition of the SoundArt Festival. The band is considered to be the 70s reflection of a dusty Dodge, outworned t-shirts, tattoos, drinks under burning sun, the nomadic and contemplative spirit. Soon after launching the album “Space Echo & Time”, the band surprises us with a new album called “Mephobia”. Roadkillsoda will be present on fabrica club stage at the SoundArt Festival 2018.

The bands that confirmed so far are: Klimt 1918 (shoegaze / rock / new wave), Methadone Skies (psychedelic / progressive / stoner / metal), Somali Yacht Club (stoner), NEED (progressive), Puta Volcano (heavy rock’n roll) and Roadkillsoda (stoner). Unfortunately, the Koneskin disbanded, so they will no longer  be at the SoundArt Festival 2018.
The bands will perform at the following clubs:

Quantic Club – Methadone Skies, Need, Puta Volcano, Purple Dino

Control Club – Klimt 1918

Club Factory – Roadkillsoda

Access to Sound Festival 2018:

Full Pass – subscription offering full SoundArt 2018 experience, more precisely – access to all concerts of the Quantic Club, Control Club and Club Factory. The number of this type of subscription is limited to 100. Prices – 105 lei (early bird), 120 lei (normal), 150 lei (at the entrance).

Quantic Pass – subscription to attend all concerts of the SoundArt 2018 festival in Quantic Club. Prices – 75 lei (early bird), 90 lei (normal), 120 lei (at the entrance).

Control Pass – Ticket that allows access to the SoundArt 2018 concert in the Control Club. Prices – 45 lei (early bird), 60 lei (normal), 75 lei (at the entrance).

Fabrica Pass –  that allows access to the SoundArt 2018 concert at fabrica club. Prices – 15 lei (early bird), 20 lei (normal), 25 lei (at the entrance).

The Early Bird period runs until December 7, and then all the passes – which are available before the festival begins – enter the normal price period. The ticket price will change during the event, at the entrance.

Tickets are available in electronic format at www.iabilet.ro and in the physical network iabilet.ro/retea: Flanco Stores, Metro Unirii 1 near Metrorex Ticket Office, Music Store, IQ BOX – Telekom Stores, Cafe Deko, Club Vintage, Club Quantic, Expired Halls of Carol (from 18: 00-22: 00), Hard Rock Cafe, Perfect Tour Agencies, Human Stores and ZebraPay Self-Service Terminals across the country.

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