Old Grave Fest VI

(let's old school in the best tradition)

Old Grave Festival is more than a music festival, it’s about claiming the old school tradition and it’s about fans, because this festival is made by fans for fans, without a business purpose or consideration – It’s the only metal festival in Romania organized by a fan club. As a tradition, it took place on the second weekend of October, on 13 and 14.

The first day of the festival took place on Friday 13th– a date that already called to be a sign of the madness that was about to begin. It started at 17:00 – open doors and the first band Slicer, walked on stage at the exactly 18:00. Slicer is a local band that kicked off with a black-punk sound, giving the start of an insane night. One could see that they defined a unique style of putting together both concepts in one hell of a sound. They’ve been very appreciated by the public and in conclusion, it was the best way to start this festival. They were followed on stage by Hellripper from Scotland, who simply blasted heads with their speed metal. A fast sound with catchy riffs and so energetic that one could just not stay still.

Extirpation from Italy was next, bringing the ’86 madness back in our lives. A black-thrash band full of hate with both fast and aggressive lines in accordance with the old school tradition. In one word, their show was a total blast. Bombarder followed up, switching the sound to their own style of playing thrash metal, with stamping rhythms mixed with some parts of speed metal. They were very communicative and reached out to bond with the public in a natural manner. At a point, everyone went on stage near the band creating an intense show.

Undergang were next making it all about death metal, played in a primitive raw manner, creating an obscure sound so that breaking your ribs into the moshpit was like something you felt the need to do. They cracked bones one by one with their sound. Insane blast-beats and riffs all mixed up with guttural vocals made it simply great. (As a personal matter I was dying to see them and everything happened as expected). Urn got up on stage spreading their blackened thrash metal through every molecule of those present at the venue.  It was an 80’s show experience, entirely impeccable. They spread an insane atmosphere with their powerful rhythm, drum-beats madness and nevertheless that Mötörhead touch that they promote. In the end, they created a memorable show experience so that everyone enjoyed it.  Wolfbrigade followed on stage, turning direction toward hardcore punk. They played it by the book, making it a blast, with their Swedish d-beat passages that meet death metal, everything carefully put under the classic hardcore punk flag. As a crust-punk fun (but not only that), their show was a must-see.<Or let’s put it like this:  We ran with the Hunted and felt no regrets!>

During breaks, one could check out the goodies from the merchandise area, a little smaller this year, but still something to check out. One could find official merchandise of the bands that attended the festival, with their newest releases, but also the classic and older ones by the case; however there were lots of goodies at good prices, so having a shopping tour was something that one could take in consideration.

 Photos from Old Grave Festival Day I  

The second day started with Krossburst, who brought upon us the sweet taste of chaos and speed. A perfect opening for the second day of the festival. Krossburst 666ed the entire space. They simply brutalized the stage with aggressive riffs and fast lines; a performance at which one should take part with at least one bottle/glass of alcohol in his/her hand. Sarinvomit from Turkey followed, nailing blasphemy with their blackened thrash metal. A total madness mixed up with a cult atmosphere, rotting riffs of speed and thrash that even jesus would upsidedown his own cross for. Blackevil from Germany continued the madness by giving it a ceremonial touch in their very own style; with strong riffs and devastating lines, they brought down hell itself, not straight, but in a more sophisticated manner. A thrash metal meets black metal at its finest, experience. Angel of Damnation switched gears into doom metal by hitting us with a mix of influences from all over. An unholy doom rhythm, very appreciated by the public. They made a rather warm atmosphere, giving it a familiar touch. They played parts and intros with slower riffs that gradually go faster and at the same time the vocal timbre that goes higher reaching up to a melodic whole. Execration (from Norway) cranked it back to high speed, by getting things faster in their distinctive style of playing modern, technical death metal. They played with a mixture of both progressive and old school death metal, with very organized riffs and beats, the basic point being technical. A total pleasure for the crowd that fully enjoyed their show – and what a performance it was! Craven Idol from London, was razor-sharp with their black/death/thrash metal mix with catchy riffs and fast lines; their show was a blast. They played in the best tradition, mixing up sounds from the depths of rotting hell, put together in a grotesque brutal extreme manner. Their performance was impressive and something to look forward to in the future.

Embrace of Thorns spread the occult atmosphere in every corner of the place with a sinister energy, that flowed in all directions. Their intense riffs and drum-beats made everyone move around with enthusiasm. They were followed up by the last band of the evening – the long awaited – Necrophobic. They crushed souls, ending this festival in the best manner you could have ended it. A hard worked show, carefully prepared in all details. Synchronized headbanging under the black metal cult, with a strong characteristic presence on stage. The plain sound of Necrophobic flowed through the crowd. Their performance was impeccable, a cult black metal experience as expected with their characteristic melodic mark. They ended this year’s edition of the Old Grave Festival triumphantly.

Photos from Old Grave Festival Day II

Everything was great, as expected when Official Romanian Thrash Metal Club is involved.

A huge “Thank You” is demanded to all who were involved in this insane awesomeness that this festival is every year. The exact atmosphere that one could get when attending this well-done event, is hard to describe and hard to put in words. As expected, RTMC made the next edition poster public and available, announcing few bands that will play in next year’s edition of the Old Grave Festival. Usually, they start by announcing the headliner, but this year, an exception was made. Anyway, stay close for more news regarding Old Grave Festival VII.

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