Klausenburg Metal Gathering

Primordial, Nox Vorago, Desecrate and Euphia on November 17 in / FORM Space

Klausenburg Metal Gathering is a project brought to you by Nomad Events, aiming to bring to the metal scene in Cluj Napoca both well-known names as well as bands that are still in the beginning but with a special sound. The first edition brings on stage Primordial, Nox Vorago, Desecrate and Euphia on November 17 in / FORM Space!

The first edition of the event will take place on November 17, 2017, in / Form Space, a place that most of you certainly know already as a venue for great events in Cluj.

The line-up opens with Primordial, the headliners of the evening, a pagan metal band (self-titled primordial metal), from Dublin, Ireland. Founded in 1987 as a cover band, Primordial had several vocalists during their debut years. When A.A. Nemtheangas joined the group, Primordial recorded its first demo, in 1993, entitled Dark Romanticism. It was sold in over a thousand copies, and Primordial become a frontman the second wave of the black metal movement. With a lethal mix of doom and death, along with traditional Irish folk music elements, the band released their debut album “Imrama” via Cacophonuous Records in 1995. The following albums, “A Journey’s End” (1998), “Spirit (2001), “Storm Before Calm” (2002) and “The Gathering Wilderness” (2005), have more Celtic influences. Released in 2007, “The Nameless Dead” was recorded only with analog equipment, and the result was the most raw and spontaneous sound ever before. “Redemption at the Puritan’s Hand” followed in 2011 with “Greater Men Have Fallen” in 2014, and the live Gods to the Godless album in 2016.

The second band to be released is Eufobia (death metal, Bulgaria) whom we saw several times before on stage in Cluj-Napoca. Eufobia released on November 1, 2016 their latest album having the same name, and videos for the songs “Hater” and “Liquid Of Creation”. With more than 180 live appearances, Eufobia is a name that quickly becomes renowned in its genre. The Bulgarian death metal band was established in 2003, has 3 full length albums, one demo and one single, and includes Stefan Abadjiev (bass, voice) (Alley Sin, Проказа, Blagovest “Blago” Petrov (drums, backing vocals) (Alley Sin, Coprostasis, Mizerere, Проказа, Past Redemption), Nikolay Bojakov (huitar, backing vocals) and Ivan Gemijev (Alley Sin, ex-Past Redemption). They recently released a new video , entitled “Graveyard”.

The third band is Desecrate, a death metal band in Italy, who will be for the first time on stage in Cluj.  Born in 1995, Desecrate becomes immediately protagonist in the Italian underground scene. After recording the first promo CD, in 1998 the Italians signed their first contract with Mephisto Records, a record label that will release the first song, “Moonshiny Tales (The Torment And Rapture)”. This first single gets excellent feedback from both the public and the critics, opening the gate for this true Italian combo to expose itself to as many and better clubs across the nation as possible. In all this upside down on all levels, the Desecrate band’s activity stops in 2001 due to several musical divergences between the band members. In 2010, the band made the decision to rebirth, and two years later, a new album, “XIII The Moart” was released.

The co-headliners will be the Swedes from Nox Vorago, a progressive / symphonic death metal band set up in 2006 in Gothenburg, which has two full length albums, three singles and a demo that includes: Johannes “Uduun” Nyström (voice), Tommy Mattsson (guitar), Anders Lundvall (guitar), Gabriel Glänte (guitar guitar), Magnus Andersson (keyboards) and Robert Isojärvi (Warheim, ex-Irrbloss, ex-Norrsköld).

Earlybird – 60 lei – until October 20th
Presale – 70 lei – until the day of the event
At the entrance, within the limits of the available tickets, the price will be 80 lei

Tickets are available on line on www.iabilet.ro and in the physical network iabilet.ro/retea.

You’ll be able to enjoy original merchandise brought to you by our friends MetalHead Merch, who will be joining us on the 17th of November 2017!


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