Timisoara Tattoo Expo 2017

10-11-12 november

Inspired by the art of tattoos and the pleasure of spending quality time amongst creative people with the same interests as ours, this year we start a tradition: The Timisoara Tattoo Expo 2017.

Timisoara Tattoo Expo.The only event in the western part of the country dedicated to our passion, the art of tattoos.
At its first edition this year, Timisoara Tattoo Expo 2017 is the place that will host tattoo artists from all over the country, even the world in a friendly environment where we will each present their work, engage in a skill contest and share their style and vision.

On the 10th, 11th and 12th of November, we will be expecting you for a weekend filled with colour and creativity! You can also expect: concerts, painting & drawing workshops and other activities. Manufactura club, will host our afterparty.


Tavi Bezzeg Bărbuț – Tavi Tattoo Studio (Romania)

Adrian Velea
Mad Dogs Tattoo & Piercing (Germany)


Popa D.Mitru – Dumitru Popa Ink-Art (Romania)


Gix – Kronstadt Ink (Romania)



Madalin – Kronstadt Ink (Romania)

Cosmin – Kronstadt Ink (Romania)

Serghei Butuc – Basarabia Ink (Moldova)

Robert Ermac – Basarabia Ink (Moldova)

Valentin – Nextattoo Timisoara (Romania)

Rafa – Nextattoo Timisoara (Romania)

Manuel – Nextattoo Timisoara (Romania)

Roxana – Nextattoo Timisoara (Romania)

Letitia – La Leti Tattoo (Romania)

Schipor Sorin- Human Design Tattoo (Germany)

Rosu Adrian – Redink Tattoo & Graphix Studio (Romania)

The two bands confirmed by now are Implant pentru Refuz & Fluturi pe Asfalt.


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