Tenebres announces Tour of the Dark Front

Romanian black/gothic/doom metal band

Within the autumn of 2017 members of the Romanian black/gothic/doom metal band Tenebres are preparing to release their first album entitled Pain Eternal.

Tenebres was incarnated in the winter of 2015 and has since fortified their sound in the black and gothic metal genres with influences of doom and also symphonic metal elements that the band puts into evidence by the use of cello and keyboard.

The band has released this year their first official video that bears the same name as their upcoming album.

With this occasion the band is planning a national tour called Tour of the Dark Front with their first gig set in Iasi on the 29th of October at the Rock in Iasi Indoor Edition Festival.

Bands in the opening act Hiraeth, Beauty and the Rat,Subliminal Damage and Eternal Fire.The first gig of the tour will have Tenebres play accompanied by both a quartet and a choir.

The tour will be separated into two parts.

The first begins in October and ends in December while the next one will take place in February 2018 with twice as many cities covering almost all of the country and with the promise of 2 more gigs set to be played accompanied by the same choir and quartet. Special guests: Eternal Fire (Bucharest) melodic black metal + local support.

The album will be independently released by the band’s own studio Imperium Tenebrarum in both physical and digital format and it will be made available for purchase on bandcamp in november as well as the T-shirts.

After this tour the band will continue their work on a new official video that will be released in 2018 and will also start a collaboration with a full scale orchestra (around 44 people) for a grander concert, more details will be made available soon,stay tuned.



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