SADO SATHANAS (Germany) live in Hybrid Club

Concert review

We’re trying out a new format with this article. Since both  Ana Maria and I went to this show, we’ll each be submitting a review.


Last weekend, we attended Sado Sathanas concert in Hybrid Club, Bucharest. The gig was part of the tour the band is holding to promote their latest full-length albums, Opus Diaboli and Nomos Hamartia. Sado Sathanas performed on several occasions, in the past, in Romania, and they are found to our country, as Sebastian stated in an interview he was kind enough to give to our webzine,  here

Even though his band is quite appreciated here, I had some fears that they won’t have that much public, this time. It was Sunday evening, and currently, there’s a boost of live events here, more than 2 or 3 every weekend. I jokily told my colleague HoodedCarcass that we will be around 5 persons in front of the stage, but luckily my predictions were wrong. There were around maybe around 50 people in the small but generous club.

I must say few words about Hybrid Club now since it is not that well known. It was my second time there, and on the first occasion, I saw a dark ambient/noise event. I feared that the sound would be terrible, but that was my second wrong guess for the evening. It sounded impeccable. Plus, the overall vibe was that we went back in time, for a total raw and diy black metal concert in the 90s.

The surroundings were in perfect harmony with Sado Sathanas’ music, old school black metal. For me, even though it’s not something I would listen to every day, the concert was perfect and I enjoyed their live performance very much. The public was warm and they insisted for an encore. They interpreted two instrumental songs I particularly liked, where the keyboards gave the music an epic, bombastic dimension. The rest of the songs are exhaling raw energy. I also noticed the good communication the band members have, even in this small and dark space they manage to make some small gestures toward each other’s and they coordinated well. Everything that comes from Germany functions like a clock, I guess.

In the end, I wish to thank Coro wholeheartedly for his effort. Like I said in the beginning, there are many concerts here for the next couple of months, even Sunday evening there were others. I think it’s an act of courage to organizes something in this condition, so thank you, Coro, for giving us the chance to see Sado Sathanas again.

 Photo: Ana Maria Codescu


On September 24th, Sado Sathanas held a show in Bucharest, hosted by Hybrid Club.

According to the schedule at 20:00 they opened the doors, but they started playing at 21:10, meanwhile I had the chance to take a closer look at the location and change few lines with the mighty Coro who brought them to us. The club was impressive, obscure and with an interesting room partition that proved to be a good for a Black Metal show’s acoustics.

I must highlight the fact that this show was set to be obscure in an old-school tradition and really closed to the public, this location wasn’t randomly chosen. The main point was to be an intimate, underground gig.

Cheers to the bartender for being a good host; apparently picking up the ticket you would get a shot from him on the house.

The main room is slightly circular, without an actual stage; basically, the bands play in the middle of the crowd – an interesting approach for an underground concert (as I already said- back in the day). There were no opening bands so the things started straightforward.

At 21:10 the light went off and the band walked in. They played in a six-headed-beast formula, that also included Taly (from Gothic). They did not forget the traditional corpse paint and the cult attitude. The public was surprisingly large for an underground show on a Sunday night with barely any promotion looked very delighted.

The band was 100% involved in having their show impeccable in a true black metal manner, as expected.

They also played few instrumentals which was a good chance for the vocal (Giacomo “Omoziakk” Lehmann) to take few breaks and proudly following the band from the corner.

They touched both new and older works making it a true experience for the public.

They were organized and focused on offering the best sound experience, with ear-worm riffs and drum-beats, succeeding melodic parts with raw ones. They created an occult typical black metal atmosphere.

They played for a bit over an hour, at 10:15 the show was over. They were definitely asked for an encore which was delivered for the public’s enthusiasm.

Of course, they are not strangers from Romania, on the contrary, so they seemed very comfortable and willing in interactions with fans; you could talk freely with them after the show; also, they hung around the venue for drinks, pics etc.

Their show took me back in time when those kinds of concerts took place in obscure locations, being cult and honest with straight interested people. It wasn’t just about the band it was about the entire movement, a good and rare moment to free yourself from the conformist routine and stand up for your beliefs shared with similar people and of course support it in every way you could do it, fact that in a nostalgic related way can be applied for Sado Sathanas show from Bucharest.

Their merch was available and one could also order lots of goodies from Axa Valaha’s list.

Overall it was a total cult experience.

Don’t forget to support this kind of acts, implicitly the hosting and the promoter that made this happen as it was planned.

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