Interview with Allochiria

Post-Metal, Post-Rock, Sludge, Psychedelic from Greece.

Hello guys! Thank you for accepting my request to do this interview. Please introduce your band. When was the band formed?

Thank you for having this interview with us! The band’s name is Allochiria, which is the name of neurological disease. It consists of five members: Irene (Vocals), Stef (drums), Ted (bass), John (guitar) and Steve (guitar). The music we compose revolves around post rock/sludge and black metal.

Can you tell us about your main influences? How is music produced in Allochiria? Do you follow a specific procedure when writing new songs?

Our main influences are Neurosis, Isis, Pelican, Rosetta, Mono and many more. Well it depends, sometimes we have a riff in mind before going for rehearsal, but most of the composition takes place in small studio in Athens.

Your new album “Throes” it’s pretty damn good! Congrats! What is behind it? Artwork, lyrics etc?

Thanks! Artwork is done by Ultragrim (we really admire his talent, you check his art here), lyrics are by Irene. The composition is by each and every one of us. Drums and bass were recorded at Illusion Studios, guitars and vocals were recorded at Universe Studios. The album was mixed at Universe Studios and mastered at Sweetspot Studios.

What’s happening in the Athens music scene these days?

Well many things are going on actually. Lots of bands have emerged in the last 10 years or so, and as a result we are attending a lot of great concerts in Athens. Some of these bands have already been to Romania for shows before, definitely don’t miss the chance to watch them live when you can. 

I am doing a small project about women in metal. My target is to talk with most remarcable women in metal. I want to know your honest opinion: Do you think that a female vocalist can give credit to a band or is this a disadvantage? What about a woman which is the main vocalist?

If anyone thinks it’s a disadvantage to have female members in a band, we would prefer if they wouldn’t show up at our shows, or if they do, let’s have a chat. We believe all humans (should) have the same rights, everyone is equal. Some people like writing music, some people like painting, some like doing sports. Gender is not something that should matter to what somebody likes to do.

If a female vocalist gives credit to a band is again a weird statement. It shouldn’t give more credit than what a male vocalist does. Once again, gender shouldn’t matter.

Next month we’ll see you in Bucharest at Something for the core festival. Could you tell us some songs will you play there?

We will not give away our setlist, we’ll keep that as a surprise. Defintely expect songs from Omonoia, and of course expect more songs from Throes. We hope you enjoy the show and all the songs that we chose to play.

What do you think about Romanian public cuz you’ve been here many times?

We love the crowd in Romania. You guys are always passionate, you really enjoy the shows and seem to appreciate the bands that perform in your country. Thanks lot for your support!

Thank you for your time and for your answers ! was a pleasure to talk to you & see you around in 2 days! Last words belong to you..

Thank you too! Looking forward to see you all on Saturday 🙂

picture by: Chris Lemonis



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