Metal Gates Festival – final poster and line-up by days

November 16-18, Quantic Club, Bucharest

Here is the final poster of Metal Gates Festival and the split on days, in alphabetical order for now. The final schedule will be presented in October. Besides that, in the days to come the organizer, Final Steps Productions, will reveal a lot of interesting things that will happen at Metal Gates Festival, from special and unique featurings to many other surprises.

• November 16th – Thursday
Abigail (RO)
Descend Into Despair (RO)
Mourning Sun (CI)
Saturnus (DK)
When Nothing Remains (SE)

• November 17th – Friday
(EchO) (IT)
Animae Silentes (IT)
Lunarsea (IT)
Other Eyes Wise (UK)
Psychogod (RO)
Swallow The Sun (FI)
Terra ΙncΩgnita (GR)
Votum (PL)

• November 18th – Saturday
Eufobia (BG)
Grimaze (BG)
Katara (RO)
Mordrake (UK)
Nox Vorago (SE)
Primordial (IR)
Riul Doamnei (IT)
The Foreshadowing (IT)

You can still find tickets at special prices here:
Be sure to grab one!

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